Everything About the Sudden PCF Centres Closure That Might Include Disciplinary Actions

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The Covid-19 outbreak is like that toxic girlfriend you have; every single day seems to have something new (and bad).

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And the latest curveball thrown by the coronavirus is this: young people aren’t as safe from Covid-19 as people have always thought.

First Known Child Death Due to COVID-19 in The U.S. Shows That Young People Shouldn’t be Complacent, Too

Image: Memegen

PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Sparkletots At Blk 126 Fengshan

This particular childcare centre first appeared on Singapore’s headlines on 23 Mar 2020.

A teacher at the centre has tested positive for the coronavirus.

But that’s not the attention-grabbing part, it’s this:

PCF Sparkletots Centre Closes for a Day After Teacher Tested Positive for COVID-19

That’s right; despite having a positive case, the centre is only going to close for one day for cleaning and disinfection purposes.

The centre said that “based on current available facts”, they will not be closing the centre for 14 days:

  • The teacher was last in school on 18 Mar and was not sick at that time.
  • She was on leave from Wednesday to Friday and only developed symptoms on Friday.
  • The centre has been taking precautions for one month.

Reader FakeDoctor89: Wait, I thought got reports saying even if no symptom doesn’t mean you can’t carry or spread Covid-19

Well, you’re just a fake doctor. Let the real experts-

ECDA: Close the centre for 14 days. *glorious gong*

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Reader FakeDoctor89: Heh, you were saying?


PCF Sparkletots Ordered To Stay Closed For 14 Days

In one of the most epic beatdown ever on the public domain, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) ordered the pre-school centre to stay shut for 14 days.

Of course, it’s not because the powers-that-be called the centre out for its actions.

It’s because more people from the place are reporting sick.

PCF with COVID-19 Student Now Closes for 14 Days instead of 1 Day

The staff will be tested for the coronavirus, while all staff and children will be undergoing quarantine.

Contact tracing is also being carried out while the centre will monitor the health of its staff. Meanwhile, parents are urged to closely monitor the health of their kids.

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But There’s More

18 Covid-19 cases with links to PCF Sparkletots at Fengshan Blk 126 were discovered over the past few days.

14 of them were employees at the centre, including the principal. The remaining four cases are the principal’s family members who were tested positive on 23 and 24 Mar 2020.

It was announced that all 360 PCT Sparkletots centres will be closed for four days and will reopen on 30 Mar 2020.


Meanwhile, the PCF Sparkletot centre at Fengshan Blk 126 will only be opened on 8 Apr 2020.

Safety Measures Were Not “Strictly Followed”

It was made known that some of the staff continued to go to work despite feeling unwell.

PCF chief executive Victor Bay apologised for their conduct and said that the centre has not “strictly followed” safety measures that were put into place.

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The principal had gone to work on 17 Mar in the morning. She was feeling well then.


However, in the afternoon, she developed symptoms.

Despite that, she continued her day’s agenda and attended a course with other pre-school employees in the evening.

She only saw a doctor the next day and was on leave until 20 Mar.

The other employees started developing symptoms from 20 Mar and over the weekend.

Mr Bay says that they have form an internal committee of inquiry to investigate the incident.


And if necessary, disciplinary actions will be given whenever necessary.

We Will Review Our SOPs

Meanwhile, Mr Bay assures parents that the safety and health of their children is PCF Sparkletots’ utmost priority.

He promises to review their standard operating procedures (SOPs), identify any gaps and rectify them for “full compliance”.

“It is a trying time as we deal with this pandemic..We would like to assure you that we are doing our utmost to keep your child safe and healthy.”

He emphasised that all centres were told not to let children or employees entry if they show any “signs or symptoms of being unwell”.

Large group activities and excursions are also suspended, including non-essential visits to PCF centres.


Be Socially Responsible

Most people who caused their workplaces to become a cluster for Covid-19 probably do it non-intentionally.

Thoughts like aiyah, I got so suay meh will stop them from taking the “better be safe than sorry” approach.

And it doesn’t help that Singapore has this work culture of going in to work if it’s something minor.

News flash: symptoms of Covid-19 can be pretty mild at times.

The pre-school teacher who was the first Covid-19 case to be discovered at the Fengshan PCF centre felt bad about “causing inconveniences”, according to Ms Cheryl Chan, who is Member of Parliament for Fengshan.


But at least she visited a doctor immediately after thinking something’s wrong.

The principal would probably be feeling worse right now because compared to the pre-school teacher under her, she behaved even more irresponsibly. Especially when she should’ve known better.

So the next time you’re feeling unwell, go to a PHPC clinic and get it checked out.

As we all know, kiasuness is the entire reason why Singapore is now lauded as the gold standard when it comes to combating Covid-19.

Don’t be like him:


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