Pedestrian Allegedly Shoves GrabFood Rider Off Park Connector & Scolds Him

It’s here. It’s finally here. After weeks of deliberation, months of protestations and years of intense suffering, judgement day has finally, at long last, arrived on 5 November 2019:

PMDs, once a menace that was so rampant in the country, have been banned from footpaths.


Image: Tenor

As my anti-PMD friend so aptly puts it:

“Good riddance!”

But Here’s The Thing

Despite the ban, it’s imperative that you understand this:

PMDs might’ve been banned from public footpaths, but they are by no means banned altogether.

So yes, while you need no longer fear the possibility of an e-scooter ramming into you head-on (on a public footpath anyway), to dismiss that occasional sighting of an e-scooter would be a notion well ahead of its time.

For more info, you can watch our stupid video here:

Or in other words, you’ll still have to encounter them on your daily walks, as long as you’re near the vicinity of shared paths, Park Connector Networks or cycling paths. Which, lest you haven’t latched on, are the three primary routes e-scooter users will have to undertake from 5 Nov onwards.

A bummer for those e-scooter riders looking to earn an honest living, really. But as a Wise Old Man once said:

You can’t please everyone.”

Pedestrian Allegedly Shoves GrabFood Rider Off Park Connector & Scolds Him

Now you might be wondering, why the unnecessarily long intro which preaches so much of what you already know? Well, that’s because there are people out there who aren’t that knowledgeable about the ban just yet, and so by ranting about everything, we’re really hoping that you won’t replicate what this pedestrian just did:

Shoving a GrabFood rider off a park connector and scolding him.

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And you wanna know the worst thing about this entire incident? The rider wasn’t even riding an e-scooter.

It was a bike.

On 6 November 2019, a photo, in which a pair of Singaporean police officers could be seen conversing with a woman (somewhere in Yishun), surfaced on the popular social media site Facebook.

Image: Facebook (Liew Yong Liang)

To offer some context, the post’s caption alleged that a food delivery personnel had been cycling on the park connector network (PCN) in the Yishun estate when a pedestrian unceremoniously shoved the biker off the public space.

Also, the pedestrian had also allegedly shouted at the cyclist, questioning whether a food delivery personnel on a bicycle should be riding on the PCN.

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“YOU HOW CAN CYCLE HERE?!” the pedestrian allegedly said, according to the photo’s caption.

Two PMDs, One Bicycle

In the photo, a total of three delivery personnel were present, alongside two personal mobility devices and a bicycle. The person being attended to is believed to be the pedestrian in question, and the incident reportedly occurred along Yishun Ave 11.


The post has been shared more than 2.5K times to date and has attracted a whopping 563 comments. While some Netizens berated the pedestrian for her actions, there are some that questioned the food delivery rider’s presence on the PCN as well. For more information, you can click here.

Lest you’re unaware, all electric scooters have been banned from using public footpaths, in addition to all roads and grass. At the current time, they can only be used on shared paths, cycling paths, and Park Connector Networks. If an e-scooter user encounters a public footpath, they will need to disembark and push the device instead.

Bicycles, however, are allowed on public footpaths.

So the next time you see someone shoving a poor dude on an e-scooter, recall the three important questions:

  • Is the poor dude riding on a public footpath? If yes, keep calm and carry on.
  • Is the poor dude riding on a shared path, cycling path or a Park Connector Network? If yes, assist the poor dude and rise up against the pedestrian.
  • Is the poor dude truly on an e-scooter, or is he actually on a bike? If he’s on the latter, it’s time to call the police.
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