People Are Fighting (Literally) For Uniqlo KAWS Graphic T-Shirts

Uniqlo is known for its affordable clothing line and cute designs, which is why it’s so popular among students and adults alike.

Often times, their newly released collections get sold out quite quickly.

The Kaws: Summer collection was only released yesterday (2 June 2019), but many people have failed to get their hands on a shirt from the collection.

I don’t really get what the hype is, but anyways.

Sold Out Fast

If you don’t know what people are fussing over, here’s a video by Uniqlo that features the whole collection of shirts in this range.

Kaws had also collaborated with different characters previously such as Sesame Street for a Uniqlo collection.

This Kaws range sold out fast.

Really fast.

Many customers who attempted to purchase via the application in Singapore, were unable to purchase one due to many glitches in the app while they ordered.

And by the time some of them were able to crop one for themselves, the size that they wanted was out of stock.


One comment even stated that they waited for 3 hours to purchase the shirt on the app. I don’t even get to nap for 3 hours.

Some others who purchased via the website managed to get a shirt they wanted. For some other customers, they were met with the problem of not being able to add things into their cart, and not being able to check out.

Which is extremely annoying, by the way.

Some were resorted to refreshing the page a few times until they could finally check out.

Some even had multiple of each shirt in their cart because they kept reloading or adding things into their cart.

Stayed Up

Many comments under the Facebook post also complained about wasting their sleep time just to buy the shirts. Some were up trying until 2:30 am, some even 3 am.

Apparently, they’re also out of stock in shops as well. The lucky ones who queued and waited managed to get their hands on some shirts.

Some designs are still available offline and online, though. But they only have a selected few sizes.

A suggestion would be to head down to more ulu outlets. Maybe they’re still in stock there?

Image: Screengrab from Uniqlo

And of course, Singaporeans are demanding that they are re-stocked ASAP.


Cat Fights for Shirts

Singapore hasn’t hit this level of crazy yet. In China, however, people are actually fighting for these shirts. Like, literally fighting. Physically.

China re-sellers are also having a blast queuing for these shirts because they can up-sell them once they’ve bought a few.

Exhibit A.

Image: Weibo

Look at all those shirts. Kaching, kaching.

Exhibit B.

Image: Weibo

To the extent of running (or crawling?) in like that… terrifying.

Exhibit C.

Image: Weibo

Seems like becoming a re-seller for limited edition items is a more stable job than we think it is.

If you need a laugh, this video is for you.


Tag yourself, I’m the person walking by and the person filming this video.

It’s amusing and terrifying that people are actually fighting physically just to get a bunch of shirts.

What a world we live in.

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