People Are Looking For a Chinese Dog Abuser Who Poured Boiling Water On A Dog

Animal cruelty is simply the worst. I’m pretty sure everyone here can agree on that.

It’s unfortunate to know that recently, a video has been circulating on said topic.

The video involves a Chinese man going out of his way to torture two dogs that he owns, physically and mentally hurting them.

Animal Abuse

Animal activist Nom Aly posted the video on her Instagram account, where she also brings awareness to other kinds of animal abuse.

The first half shows the man approaching a caged white dog with a kettle before pouring boiling water on it. The dog then thrashes around the small cage and cries in pain.

The second half shows the man using a large wooden rod to smack the paws of a brown poodle lying on the floor. The dog is chained, unable to fight back.

The video is shown below.

Warning: Please be advised, it is quite graphic and disturbing.

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Update on the Dog Abuser who filmed himself burning his dog with hot water, and smashing their legs with a bat. . We have narrowed the search down to Nanjing Jiangsu province. In order to find him, we hired an investigation firm to help locate his exact whereabouts through his online media accounts. . Because this happened in China, it is difficult to track people since law enforcement is not cooperative. Activists and groups have been working to identify this individual, and while the search is narrowing, at the moment there is still no confirmation on identity. . The screenshot above is the dog abuser’s online media account. He has since erased his page. He had a picture of a dog that was burned as his profile picture. . Currently, it is unknown if the dogs in the video are still alive. What makes finding this person important – is that these dogs are living in constant fear, and could be tortured at any moment. . @suki_oo @nom_aly #animalhopeinlegislation

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Crackdown On Suspect

The guy better hope he can run, and run very far.

The video was eventually re-posted on the Animal Hope and Wellness Instagram, a California-based non-profit that rescues abused and neglected animals.

On 29 August, the organisation stated that they had hired a third party to help with the investigations. As of now, the search has been narrowed down to within Nanjing city, in Jiangsu province, China.

Comments on their posts have been positive towards this movement.

Image: Instagram

Previously, a screenshot surfaced, containing the man’s social media account with a profile picture of a burnt dog.

The man has since erased his page and cannot be identified at the moment.

Limited Support From China

While many activists in China are actively helping the search, things won’t be so easy in the Asian powerhouse.

Studies show that China has extremely limited domestic animal protection laws to prevent mistreatment and abuse of animals.

Such protection only extends itself to animals in zoos, research, and wildlife.

Examples include the Yulin Dog Festival, which is on its 10th Anniversary this year, leading to tens of thousands of dogs being slaughtered every year.

Animal Hope and Wellness has stated that law enforcement being uncooperative has slowed down their search for the perpetrator.

In Singapore, if you see any instances of animal cruelty, call the police at 999 and also inform SPCA at 6287 5355 ext 9. The hotline is open 24/7 and any efforts can help save an animal’s life.

Image: Facebook
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