People Photoshopped a M’sia Stall Storefront & Immediately Enjoyed Bustling Business

In the age where people are a dime a dozen, goods and services are also abundant.

One of the ways for a business to stand out is to have a unique and clever brand name. It’s Marketing 101.

A clever name could be funny, cheeky, or even sexual.

What’s most important is that it’s catchy and memorable.

I personally enjoy funny sexual ones.

I mean, I’m personally always the dirty one in the group, possessing the gift of turning anything sexual. Ask my friends, they’ll vouch for that.

Not only are sexual/explicit names funny for adults, but children also wouldn’t understand them anyway.

With any luck, you’ll go viral and enjoy free advertising. A certain prawn noodle stall in Penang certainly got lucky.

Prawn Noodle Stall Name Goes Viral

If you frequently surf Facebook for memes from your meme suppliers, you might have chanced upon this picture.

Image: Facebook

For those who are less well-versed in Chinese, the stall name makes use of the pun where “虾面” (prawn noodles) and “下面” (down under) has a similar pronunciation.

When its name is read aloud, while it sounds like “I’ll pleasure you with my prawn noodles”, it actually has the slang meaning of “I’ll pleasure you with my nether region.”

Well, I don’t have to explain why that’s both cheeky and funny.

Needless to say, this photo went viral and was spread around Facebook, with many people interested to seek out this brazen stall.

Photoshop Strikes Again

If you were one of those planning a trip to Penang to find the stall, you may be disappointed to find out that you’ve been made a victim of fake news.

If you helped share it, be prepared to be arrested under the new law.

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I’m just kidding. You won’t be arrested. But you’ve contributed to the bottom line of this business.

The stall name is indeed fake, as the real one was doctored by ol’ Photoshop.

Image: Sinchew

As seen in the photo above, this is the real stall name.

The “我” was edited in over the prawn logo, and the “吃” (eat) was replaced with “爽” (pleasure).

So, the actual stall name sounds like “Prawn noodles for you to eat”.

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However, the name doesn’t seem to be as innocent after all.

As you may have noticed, the prawn noodles/down under pun is still being used.


It curiously seems like the stall name means “My nether region for you to eat”.

What do you think? Or am I just being dirty-minded again?

Prawn Mee Stall Business Rocketed

As I stated at the start, a clever stall name is Marketing 101.

Be it real or fake, many people (probably local Penang citizens) went to visit the stall, giving it a huge boost in patrons.

So after all, they enjoyed booming business due to this viral Photoshop prank.


That’s definitely them getting lucky, as business reputations rarely benefit from such pranks.

But then again, as the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Hey, if you’re ever in Penang, go try out the stall and let us know if you were actually pleasured.

By the prawn noodles lah. What you thinking?

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