People Put Countless Sanitary Pads on Maserati That Anyhowly Parked

Cars are great. In fact, they’re one of the most revolutionary inventions out there if you will.

Unfortunately for me, my boss doesn’t pay me enough to be able to afford more than three driving lessons, let alone a car. This is why I’m not part of the cool and rich kids and rely heavily on public transportation and my personal bus, 11.

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When it comes to drivers, there are nice ones and there are nasty ones out there.

The nice ones slow down when they see you’re trying to cross the road and make sure not to park at handicap lots because they know other people might need them more.

But nowadays, people have lesser tolerance for unpleasant drivers, as shown by this Maserati incident.

Maserati covered in sanitary pads for parking illegally

Recently on 6 July, Saturday, China Press reported that a Maserati driver parked his car illegally along a street in Vietnam, and wound up obstructing the road.

Other road users weren’t having it and took matters into their own hands by covering the entire blood-red car with sanitary pads with wings so that they wouldn’t budge an inch – kinda like the driver and his car, huh? Well thought-out, well played.

Image: China Press

According to the source, Mr Maserati wasn’t the first to be guilty of illegal parking. There were many like him who obstructed the road following the increase in bubble tea shops in the vicinity.

Drove Off With Sanitary Pads

It was also mentioned that the driver was taken aback when he came back for his car.

Like any sane person, his immediate reaction was to remove the newly added car decals but of course, the pads did their job well. Equipped with sticky capabilities and out-of-the-world absorption, it would take more than a couple of tugging to remove the pads.

He gave up playing tug-of-war eventually and left the scene after clearing just enough for him to drive.

It was a humiliating experience but on the bright side, he didn’t have to worry about cleaning his car after the rain.

Other Car Tricks

Here are a few more ingenious tricks to deal with illegally parked vehicles should you ever encounter any, because why wait around for karma when you can handle it immediately?

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