Over 65K People Have Signed Petition to Opt Out of NDP 2020 Funpack Which is Given to Every Household


For many years, the NDP funpack has always been something that Singaporeans have a “very close affinity with”, noted the chairman of the NDP executive committee, Brigadier-General Frederick Choo.

Re-enactment of when I received my first NDP funpack back in 2012:

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The funpacks are usually given out only to participants and audience of the National Day Parade. So, when it was announced on 20 May that every Singaporean and PR household will get a funpack this NDP, you would have expected everyone to be excited about it.

However, there have been calls made by Singapore residents to reconsider giving up the NDP funpacks as it was a waste- both financially and environmentally.

Especially now when people are struggling to put bread on the table.

Petition Made To Opt-Out Of Receiving NDP Funpack 

A person called “Kaushik Ilango” started the petition on change.org to allow us to opt out of receiving the NDP funpack. He started off by commending the effort on the part of the organisers to rally the population and spur happiness and positivity in this very trying time.

“2020 has been one of the darkest years in recent memory for many Singaporeans, and all of us are affected either directly or indirectly by the ongoing pandemic,” he said.


He understands giving out funpacks would certainly bring joy to many, given it is “something Singaporeans have a close affinity to.”


Better Use Of Resources 

Like many other Singapore residents out there, he feels the perishable goods inside the funpack, the novel single-use items and the manpower used to acquire, make and distribute the funpack, could have been a much better use of resources.

“All these are resources that could be better spent addressing more urgent needs of the society at present,” he said.


He added that at a time when a recession is “looming over our economy like none before”, and with unemployment on the rise, these resources could be redirected to those in need.

The petition ended with urging people who do not wish to receive the funpack to sign the petition and help spread the word to others.

As of writing, over 60 thousand people have signed the petition.

Not The Only One Against Funpack 

Local Influencer Xiaxue also took to Instgram to share her thoughts on the funpack.

Image: Instagram (@Xiaxue)
Image: Instagram (@Xiaxue)

In the two Instagram stories posted on May 20, she said that while she loves getting funpack when attending the parade, she felt that it was unnecessary when one is not physically present in the stadium.

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She added that every year, she would throw away 90% of the things inside her funpack.

Like Kaushik Ilango, she believes that the money could be used to help businesses and the unemployed at a time like this.

“Robin Rheaume”, a user on a public Facebook group called Journey to Zero Waste Life have also encouraged residents to leave their feedback on the NDP feedback form.

Image: Facebook (@Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore)

Netizens have expressed their disappointment and dismay when they heard that the funpacks were distributed out to each household.

Image: Facebook (@Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore)
Image: Facebook (@Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore)

If you are interested in signing the petition, click here.


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