Everything to Know About the Next 2 Phases of Cross Island Line That’s Just been Revealed


Back in 1998, if someone were to tell me that Singapore would eventually become the next Hong Kong where every few streets lead to a train station, I’d laugh in their face.

Well, guess what?

I’m no longer laughing because that scenario seems more and more likely now, especially with this recent announcement.

Everything to Know About the Next 2 Phases of Cross Island Line That’s Just been Revealed

If you remember, the Cross Island Line was said to be Singapore’s longest and completely underground MRT line.

It’s now been confirmed that the next two phases of work on the line would include 11 new stations.

These stations will serve the Bukit Timah, West Coast and Clementi areas before terminating at Tuas.


When Singapore works on new MRT lines, there are two things they look at: the areas the line will serve and the best locations where commuters can transfer to another line.


And the CRL is no different.

According to “tentative plans” for the western leg of the line, four stations were designated the interchanges of the line.

The line will start at Bright Hill in Sin Ming (Thomson-East Coast Line), connect with King Albert Park Station (Downtown Line), Clementi (East-West Line) and Jurong Pier station (Jurong Regional Line).

The line will terminate at Gul Circle, connecting once again with the East-West Line.


These stations, however, are not set in stone.

LTA still has to conduct engineering studies to check land availability and ground conditions.

Changi Airport

The above is only for the western leg (read: end) of the Cross-Island Line.

If you find that exciting, you’ll be psyched to know that it’s equally exciting on the eastern front.

It seems that there will be a new terminus station on the eastern leg of the line and it’s likely to be located at the future Changi Airport Terminal 5.

The station is also expected to be an interchange, linking to the future extension of the Thomson-East Coast Line.

Construction Has Begun

Work has already started on the first phase of the line, which consists of twelve stations from Aviation Park to Bright Hill.

The phase is expected to be completed by 2030.

No details, however, were given for when Phase 2 and 3 of the line will start or be completed.

According to National University of Singapore transport infrastructure expert Raymond Ong, the new line will provide commuters who uses the western section of the east-west line and circle line with an alternative.


Currently, there are no rail lines that run parallel to these lines.

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