Weatherman: Phase Two is Going to Be Rainy on Most of the Days


Thinking of going to the swimming pool this weekend?

Bought some suntanning lotions for use at the empty field near your house?

Well, if you’re thinking of going all out after about two and a half months of curfew

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But if you have to do it, remember to bring an umbrella out along with you.

Weatherman: Phase Two is Going to Be Rainy on Most of the Days

Even the weather is telling you to stay home these days.

According to the weatherman in Singapore, the wet weather we’ve been experiencing recently is expected to continue for the next two weeks of June.

Expect thundery showers on most days, the Meteorological Service of Singapore (MSS) said.


If you can’t work from home, remember to bring an umbrella out with you when you go out.

The short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected to take place between the late morning and early afternoon.

On a few days, it could extend into the late afternoon as well.

There are also going to be a few thundery showers at night too so make sure not to open your windows too wide when you go to bed or you might just wake up to your own personal swimming pool in the morning.

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Still Going To Be Hot

Okay, you’re probably expecting this since we’ve all been staying in Singapore for decades.

Despite the rain, it’s still going to be hot here.

Daily temperatures will range between 25 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius.

On some especially warm days, it could go up to 34 degrees Celsius.

Outlook For The Next 4 Days

According to the NEA website, it’s going to rain for the next four days.

Image: NEA

It’ll happen in the late morning and afternoon for the next two days so make sure to bring an umbrella out or you might be drenched from going out to get lunch.

Saturday’s a great day to sleep in and Sunday’s not the best day to do laundry.

With that said, aren’t we all happy that we’re entering Phase 2 liao?

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