Photographer So Engrossed with Taking Pictures of Karen Mok, He Fell into the Sea


Closing in on 50 years old, Karen Mok (莫文蔚) hasn’t lost any of her charm.

If you’re a 90s kid or older, she might have been one of the array of beautiful celebrities you had a crush on.

Her beauty could have partly come from her mixed blood; here’s an article if you want to check out more mixed Asian blood gorgeous celebrities.

My favourite movie of her is probably the two-part film starring Stephen Chow known as A Chinese Odyssey (大话西游). Still one of my favourite films to this day.

However, my favourite girl in the movie still has to be Athena Chu (朱茵). Just giving a shoutout to my childhood crush.

Regardless whether you loved her for her songs or her movies, she’s an undeniable star whose influence in the Chinese media industry cannot be overlooked.

Many to this day would still be enchanted by the sight of her.

A photographer in Mauritius proved that to be true.

Photographer Fell Into Sea Taking Photos of Karen Mok

Taking a break from her Ultimate world tour concert, Mok was spending some time in Mauritius for a photo shoot.

Wrapped in a flowing dress dancing with the sea breeze, she had morphed into an elf whose beauty were matched only by the seas surrounding her.

Even through his camera, the photographer was captivated and allured.

With his senses dulled by her charm, he had no idea that danger was approaching. It was now imminent.

The dark forces of gravity reached out and dragged the man into the depths of the sea. Knowing that his life was forfeit, he chose to spend the last moments of his life saving his one true love – the camera.

I’m just kidding.

He was fine, but it certainly shocked Karen Mok and horrified her for a moment, as seen in a video clip taken by a fan linked above.


He was apparently simply too engrossed in his shots and took a misstep as a result, losing his footing and taking a tumble into the waters.

As he was falling, he chose to chuck his camera onto the land to save it instead of trying to save himself.

Most admirable. And very professional, as praised by Karen Mok herself.

Also, professional cameras are expensive as hell and his data on it are probably worth even more.

But still admirable.


Here’s how the man looks like after he emerged from the sea:

We’ve all had mishaps as a result of being too engrossed or consumed in our work, so there’s totally zero shame here.

I once walked into the lamp pole while checking out a pretty girl.

Same thing, right?