PHV Driver & Passenger Caught Fighting with Kung-Fu Move & an Innocent Guy’s Phone Was Thrown

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It seems like after the Abang ‘kidnapper’ vs the ‘hostage’ incident, PHV drivers have cameo-ing in Facebook quite frequently.

Take, for example, this video that we’re not going to embed because it’s quite clear that something’s wrong with the driver’s car instead of his attitude. It shows a GO-JEK driver going at 140 kmh when it’s quite obvious that it’s moving at a slower speed, but the passenger still decided to film it down and send it to popular Facebook Page

Let’s just say that PHV drivers, together with taxi drivers, don’t just have the Vocational Licence Demerit Points System (VLPS) to keep them in check: online vigilantes are on the lookout, too.

Another case in point: this latest incident that was posted on as well, which has so far garnered well over 1K shares in less than 16 hours.

PHV Driver Got into a Fist Fight with Passenger

This time around, however, the incident is captured by another car’s in-car camera.

For some unknown reason, a PHV car stopped at the entrance / exit of an HDB car park, and all passengers, together with the driver, decided to show the world their disagreement.

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The white-shirted guy is the passenger while the red-shirted guy is the driver. That youngster who’s glued to his phone?

He’s allegedly another passenger in the car, but seems more interested in Instagram than the fight that’s happening right beside him.

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Somehow, the fight affected his scrolling and he dropped the phone. Then a lady, who’s another passenger, came out of nowhere and decided to do the unthinkable.

She just anyhowly picked up the phone and threw it away.

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The youngster simply looked shocked, and went off to retrieve his phone while the fighting continues.

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And then everyone left the scene as if a director has shouted “Cut!”

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Given that the timestamp indicated 9 February 2019, it could mean that this happened just yesterday.

Here’s the full video:

And here’s the description that comes with the video:

Update: Eagle eyed community is correct, the phone belongs to the black shirt guy and not the PHV driver.

A quarrel between PHV driver and rider resulted in this fist fight with the lady coming back to help after walking off earlier.

Lady decided to help by throwing the driver’s mobile phone far, far away. The driver in a fit of anger forgotten about his phone and drove away.

Hope this video can help any party that needs it for an official report.

This fight happened in front of Block 306 Canberra Road on 9/2/19 at about 1 pm.

Credit: Mr Ang

And just so you know…Canberra Road is rather near Yishun.

Consequences for the Fight

By now, we should all know that the Abang driver’s vocational licence is at risk because he uploaded the video of his argument with the “hostage” passenger online, which might lead to 21 demerit points that would revoke his licence immediately.

Now, this incident is much more serious, and the people involved might be charged under the penal code instead of just the Road Traffic Act, but we’re all curious: uploading a video would lead to 21 points, so what about violence?

A check on the Vocational Licence Demerit Points System (VLPS) however didn’t indicate any offence pertaining to something related to “driver hurting passenger”. That could imply that this is clearly a criminal act instead.

In other words, the driver (and the passenger, of course) is going to face a consequence far worst than losing a vocational licence.

But we’re all wondering: is the youngster’s phone okay?