Places to Spray Perfume So They’ll Last The Whole Day

Do you have a habit of using cologne or perfume before you make your way out? Have you realised that no matter how expensive your perfume is, it’ll always last, at most, half a day before the wondrous scent can no longer be smelled on you?

This is something especially important in Singapore where the weather is hot and humid, and we can perspire quite a bit.

We usually spray our perfume on our wrists and our necks because they’re known as pulse points which are said to be able to help you have that delicious scent wafting around your person, but there are actually ways to make perfume last the whole day without having the need to re-spray again and again, making the scent so overdone that sometimes, it creates a revolting smell instead of the amazing scent it’s supposed to be.

If you’re facing the same problem, here’s how you can make that spray of perfume last the whole day.

Spray it on your clothes

The fibres on our clothes retain smell better, and if you spray your favourite perfume on your clothes, it’ll be able to last for the whole day.

On the end of your hair

This is for ladies only. Perfume sticks great to hair that’s just washed and it’ll create a gentle waft of scent that lasts the entire day. Be sure not to spray too much as perfumes are alcoholic which may dry out your hair if used in huge quantity.

Apply body lotion, then perfume to your elbow

The inside of your elbow is another great spot to spray your perfume at. Apply body lotion to the area before spritzing some perfume on the area and you’re guaranteed to smell great even at the end of the day.

Behind the knees as well

Okay, this might seem odd to you, but think about it. The spot is usually warm as we usually cross our legs and cause the scent to waft up as it’s where our veins are.

Behind your ears

If you want your scent to be readily noticeable to people who get close to you i.e. kiss your cheeks, put a spot of perfume behind your ears. As a bonus, this spot slows down the evaporation of the perfume.

The wrist

We aren’t going to say this isn’t a good spot to spray your perfume because it’s a pulse point as well. However, because of its distance to our hands, you might just wash it off unknowingly when you’re washing your hands, so be sure to explore the other spots mentioned above as well!

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