PM Lee Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Jab; Encourages Other Seniors To Take It Too


Lest you’re unaware, the COVID-19 vaccine booster programme for seniors has kickstarted here.

Much to the chagrin of needle-fearing folks, I’m sure.

But it seems that as always, the Prime Minister of Singapore has stepped up to reassure everyone with his own experience.

PM Lee Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Jab; Encourages Other Seniors To Take It Too

Just hours ago, PM Lee underwent his own COVID-19 vaccine booster jab at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The experience was subsequently posted on multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

In the 1:21 video clip, a nurse could be seen greeting the Minister as he made his way in for the vaccination.

They then engaged in a brief humorous conversation, before the nurse stepped away to prepare for the procedure.

Throughout the process, camera flashes were abundant. One can also only imagine the stress the nurse must’ve been feeling.

Nevertheless, the whole routine was done expertly and professionally. PM Lee was also stoic, still and serene as the almighty needle went in.

“Cases are increasing rapidly,” he wrote in his social media caption. “A booster jab will strengthen your protection against COVID-19.”

He added that the Expert Committee has since recommended the booster jab for those 60 years and older, as well as residents of aged care homes and immunocompromised individuals.

At the end of the caption, he implored:

“If you are offered a booster, please take it. It will reduce your chances of getting seriously ill, or needing ICU care.”

Netizens’ Reactions

To date, the post has garnered over 6.6K likes & reactions, as well as 1.1K shares.

Netizens have also thanked the Minister for his exemplification.


“Thank you Sir for being our role model,” one Netizen wrote. “Will definitely take the booster once it is made available to my age group. We will stay safe and healthy with you as One SG Cheers!”

And it seems that the Minister’s experience has swayed even the fearful in his favour.

“Thanks Mr Lee,” another Netizen wrote. “Gives me the courage to go on this Sunday for my booster jab.”

Booster Jabs

As part of the COVID-19 vaccine booster programme, around 140,000 seniors will be invited via SMS to undergo a booster dose.

And as of 15 September 2021, 3,200 seniors have received their jabs.


The move comes amid deliberation over the effectiveness of a booster jab, with overseas authorities reasoning that most people do not need a booster shot.

Indeed, the experts reasoned that instead of prioritising booster shots for the public, governments may do better with an increased focus on assisting the unvaccinated.

However, a recent Moderna study has shown that vaccine effects may wear off over time.

Meanwhile, on 6 September 2021, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong announced that the government is studying the possibility of booster shots for young adults, as it would not only benefit them but help slow down transmission rates as well.

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Feature Image: Facebook (Lee Hsien Loong)