Everything About PM Lee’s Second Address About COVID-19 to the Nation in 60 Sec


While the task force handling the COVID-19 outbreak has been having regular press conferences to update us about the latest COVID-19 situation, PM Lee has only addressed the nation once before today, on 8 February 2020 after DORSCON Level was raised from Yellow to Orange, which led to panic buying in supermarkets.

Today (12 March 2020), PM Lee addressed the nation again.

So what’s changed after one month? Is the DORSCON going to change? Would there be new measures to contain the virus? Is PM Lee going to wear pink again?

Everything About PM Lee’s Second Address About COVID-19 to the Nation in 60 Sec

Now, if you’re hoping to learn something new from today’s speech, then you might be disappointed because PM Lee’s speech isn’t to announce something new, but to update us about the situation so far.

And before anything, here’s the answer to your burning question: no, DORSCON isn’t going to Red.

The entire speech can be split into three areas: medical, economic and psychological.

Now, let’s start with medical.

Medical Issue

With the virus being so contagious, PM Lee suggests that we’d have to do more in other areas, like religious gathering.

Given that there have been two clusters in Singapore that involve religious gathering, with a potential third one, PM Lee hopes that “Singaporeans understand that during this period we may need to shorten religious services, or reduce our attendance at such gatherings.”

Secondly, there could be a spike in new cases, and given that our resources are not infinite, Singapore might be working to give high-risk individuals priorities (those with pre-existing conditions), since 80% of the confirmed cases only experienced mild symptoms.

Singapore might be implementing additional social distancing measures should there be a major spike in new cases, and this includes suspending school, staggering work hours, or compulsory telecommuting.

Economic Issue

As long as you’re a working adult, you’d have felt the impact: businesses are suffering and everyone’s worried about their jobs while bosses are trying to keep cash-flow healthy.

PM Lee spoke about the help packages mentioned in the Budget last month and the second package of measures announced just recently. He is “confident that we can deal with” the economic challenges.

Psychological Issue

Well, for this, PM Lee thanked Singaporeans for responding calmly and responsibly and appreciates the “social and psychological resilience of our people.”

However, he mentioned that we would be in this “high-risk state for some time to come,” and urge us to move forward together.

You can watch the entire 12-minute address here: