PMD Rider Charged With Injuring LTA Officers; Has Other PMD-Related Charges

People seriously need to understand fighting the law isn’t a smart thing to do.

Remember that time someone tried to have a standoff against the police? The whole thing ended badly.

We all get caught for doing some bad stuff in life. When that happens, you own up, pay your dues if any and keep going.

And then you could be this guy, who went and attack LTA officers with his e-scooter.

Image: Facebook (LTA)

You wonder why we have those new personal mobility device (PMD) restrictions now?

Physically Attacking The Law

Yousri Dahlan, 40, definitely isn’t the most well-behaved guy on the block.

He currently has five charges under the Penal Code and the Active Mobility Act, accused of endangering others by riding a PMD on a service road.

Yousri is also accused of riding a non-compliant PMD weighing more than 20kg and measuring wider than 70cm.

Yeah, just a few.

Image: Gfycat

On 16 October 2018, he was stopped from riding his PMD by LTA enforcement officers: Mr Asrul Fahmi Rashid and Mr Ardie Indra Bambang Herman.

I’d like to tell you Yousri stopped, apologised and went on his way.

But if you’re familiar with these things, stuff always goes south.

Yousri not only refused to comply, but he has also been accused of crashing into Mr Ardie. The fall caused tenderness on his wrist and right shoulder, and an abrasion on his right shin.

He even pushed his PMD when Mr Asrul held on to it, causing the handlebar to knock into the officer’s wrist.

Image: Giphy

Mr Asrul suffered an abrasion and tenderness on his right hand and tenderness on his right elbow.

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Imagine getting off scot-free for physically injuring police officers. Not in this universe.

Potential Charges

You can’t escape from fate.

Currently out on a $3,000 bail, Yousri is set to return to court on 16 September.

For causing hurt by a rash act and obstructing authorised officers from performing their duty, he can be fined up to $5,000, jailed for up to a year, or both.

Image: Giphy

Also, because he used a non-compliant PMD on a public path, he is also liable to be jailed for up to three months, fined up to $5,000, or both.

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I want to say I wish Yousri well, but injuring someone is a huge no-no under most circumstances.

Also, this is law enforcement, so definitely not a circumstance to be doing something so stupid.


Reminder Of Restrictions

A quick reminder that the PMD ban in the void decks of 15 towns has been put into place.

This comes with a grace period until 31 October, where you can be fined $5,000 for breaking the said ban.

Fun recurring number right?

Image: Imgur

Pedestrian-only zones will also be on trial for three months at five townships, with the view of implementing them islandwide.

PMD riders must dismount and push their vehicles here.


Don’t be Yousri, please. Putting yourself in such a situation just seals off any hope of escape you have. Watch the roads for any PMD users too, getting hit by one isn’t fun.

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