Pokemon Fever Not Over Yet; Huge Crowd Spotted at MBS For Snorlax at 2am


Looks like the Pokemon fever is still going very strong. In fact, it seems like Singaporeans can really forgo sleep just to catch a rare Pokemon. Or a Snorlax, in particular. 


On Saturday (Nov 29), at 2am, a large group of Singaporean Pokemon trainers were spotted at Marina Bay Sands with their phones in hand, trying to catch the sleeping Pokemon. Kinda ironic that a sleeping Pokemon is prevent the trainers from sleeping. 

FB: Winston Foo

Some trainers had the luck to catch it along the Boardwalk, while others managed to catch it at the MRT Station itself. The Pokemon Gods were really blessing everyone that day. The live updates were posted on the Pokemon GO Facebook Page


Some trainers have also chimed in with their latest catches, along with the live updates on where the Snorlax was. 


Others also commented that there’s an active Telegram MBS Group Chat which reports live updates about the Pokemon found around the island. 



This Halloween, Pokemon GO has also released treats like extra candies and more ghost-type Pokemon like Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, and Golbat from now till Tuesday (Nov 1).


Pokemon trainers can expect twice the Candy rewards for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon. So if you are still free this weekend, it might be time to relive the Pokemon hype before it really dies down some time soon – hopefully not in the expense of your sleep! 

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