Pokemon Go Players Are Making Complaints to the US’s CASE Coz In-game Items Too Expensive


We’re pretty sure you know what CASE Singapore is. In US, they have the Federal Trade Commission, or otherwise known as FTC. Both of them have the same objectives, which is to protect consumers’ rights such as fraud, deception and unfair business.

The most popular recent involvement from CASE would be the Jover Chew phone incident. You would think that the incident requires a certain level of “seriousness” before you would actually approach CASE. But people in U.S. are approaching the FTC for something ridiculous – Pokemon GO in-game items.

Like, seriously.

Over 70 Pokemon GO players have filed FTC complaints
These people consider themselves victims of Pokemon GO, citing the game to be a fraud or practising unfair business. 72 complaints were filed to the FTC, with most of them stating overly priced in-game items. What they fail to realize is that FTC has better and more meaningful issues to broad over. Their complaints and appeals are simply too funny; could you just imagine us sending complaint emails to CASE because Pokemon GO items are expensive? I wonder what CASE would actually reply. Like, seriously.

56 FTC complaints were filed against Niantic
56 of these complaints were filed against Niantic, with the remaining 16 divided between Nintendo and the Pokemon company. Apart from the game items being too expensive, there were also other complaints about server issues, and Pokemon Gyms on private properties. There were other complaints such as privacy concerns and children’s safety. Don’t you think these Pokemon trainers are taking the game way too seriously?

Their complaints are plain ridiculous
According to Polygon, there were also complaints to the Feds about game updates which blocked third-party apps for tracking Pokemon, which is known to be the “cheat” method of playing this game.

Some complained after having their accounts banned and demanded for their money to be refunded or having their accounts returned so they can continue playing the game.


Just think of it for a minute — You wouldn’t want to support the business and play their game if you went to the extent to complain them to CASE, since you feel so strongly about the unfair business.

But no, people in the U.S. demanded for their accounts to be returned just so they can continue playing, and after complaining to the FEDS about being a victim.

Jover Chew’s case must have been pretty minor.

72 complaints are a drop in the ocean
These complaints are deemed useless as compared to the millions of players. No doubt, they would know that FTC wouldn’t do anything. Perhaps some of them just needed a listening ear, but the Feds? Hello? Aunt Agony is a better listener.

But Pokemon GO is losing millions of players
I guess this isn’t new to you. Maybe the FTC can wait until next year to look into the complaints–by then, no one would have cared about the outcome.

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