Pokemon-Themed Scoot Flights to be Available from September 2022 With Trips Starting from $231

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Pokemon fans rejoice; more if you’re an avid traveller, too.

The Pokemon Company has announced the launch of Pokemon Air Adventures in Singapore and has partnered up with Scoot for an exclusive Pikachu Jet TR.

This is a milestone as Scoot will be the first ASEAN airline outside Japan that has launched a unique Pokemon-themed inflight experience.

You can expect inflight amenities featuring pokemon designs and exclusive merchandise such as tote bags, lanyards, bucket hats and a collector’s edition of the aircraft model donned with the special livery.

Image: The Pokemon Company

These will all be available for purchase from 9 September during flight bookings on the Scoot website or app and inflight.

Specially curated Japanese meals will also be prepared for the first two-quarters of the launch and are currently available for pre-order.

The Pikachu Jet TR is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a capacity of 375 seats. The plane has been scheduled for its inaugural flight on 9 September to Tokyo, Japan.

Image: The Pokemon Company

Flights between Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul will be conducted twice a month for the event.

Plane tickets are also relatively affordable for a themed flight. One-way tickets start from $333 to Tokyo and $231 to Seoul.

Since the holiday season is also coming up, it’s time to start saving.

More Pokemon-Themed Events Coming Soon

Image: The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon-themed flight is not the only thing The Pokemon Company has in store for us.

A special Pikachu Weekend will be held from 18 to 20 November, featuring a night show at Marina Bay. This event will be occurring alongside another Pokemon event, Pokemon GO Safari Zone: Singapore, held at Gardens by the Bay.

The Pokemon GO event will be happening all around Singapore but its main location will be at Gardens by the Bay which is where you can purchase your tickets to participate.

Keep your eyes peeled as a wild Maractus will be appearing somewhere here.

If you thought that was all, there’s more.

Users participating may also be able to encounter a Shiny Purrloin. If you’re lucky, that is.


A special Pikachu wearing a purple flower T-shirt will also be appearing in the wild from November 2022 for over one year to celebrate the event.

Pokemon Go

Forgot what Pokemon Go is?

No worries, here’s a recap.

The game hit the Google Play Store and App Store in 2016, and back the, it was a fresh concept—an augmented reality mobile game—where users had to move around and use their phone cameras to “search” for Pokemon in their area to defeat and capture.

Like most Pokemon games, you get to choose your team before you begin playing. For Pokemon Go, the options were: Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic. Your character will change depending on what team you picked.

While the Pokemon Go trend has slightly died since 2016, the number of people playing are still extremely high. According to Business of Apps, Pokemon Go had at least 71 million active users in 2021.


Well, if you’re a Pokemon fan, these events would feel like a buffet for you.

To find out more about the Pikachu Jet TR, you can visit their website.

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