Someone Created Pokémon Versions of S’pore Iconic Mascots & The Results are Mindblowing

Ever wanted to see the Pokémon version of Singa the Lion?

Whatever your answer is, it doesn’t matter. Someone has already created Pokémon versions of various iconic mascots, and they’re so adorable that you must see them.

From Merli to Aquamerli, Merlionette & Meliorca

Merli the Merlion has been the face of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for five years. Here’s a fun fact: Merli”s favourite food is kaya toast.

Image: Singapore Tourism Board

Now, imagine Merli in Pokémon form.

Image: Midjourney

This unevolved Pokémon version of Merli is called, wait for it… Aquamerli.

You might have found Aquamerli handy to tackle the sweltering heat earlier this month—Aquamerli’s unique ability is to spray water in a spectacular fountain-like manner.

It’s like a portable showerhead.

The first evolution of Merli gives you Merlionette, which can spray water in even more different ways, including with precise water patterns!

Image: Midjourney

Merlionette is like having the water show portion of Marina Bay’s Spectra in your pocket. Finally, there’s no need to squeeze into a crowd just for a glimpse of the show.

Evolving Merlionette gives you Merliorca, which looks fiercer than Aquamerli and Merlionette but is still adorable.

Image: Midjourney

Merliorca’s water spray is even more zhng-ed up—its water sprays are now so jaw-dropping that you’ll be sent into a literal jaw-dropped trance.

Forget about auntie killers; Merliorca is bound to be a tourist killer.

From Singa to Flamblion, Blazefeline & Infernoleon

Singa needs to drop his skincare routine now—he might have been around since 1982, but he looks just as young today as he did when he first stole Singaporeans’ hearts.

While Singa has undergone a few design changes since his initial introduction, including finally putting on some pants in 2009 and finding himself a yellow gerbera in 2014, we think he should undergo another design change to become a Pokémon.

Image: Singapore Kindness Movement

Thankfully, someone has already evolved Singa into a Pokémon.

Singa, in his unevolved Pokémon form, is named Flamblion.

Image: Midjourney

If you need to know what kind of flowers to buy for your month-sary, Flamblion is the one to go to—he spends most of his time helping at flower markets and nurseries!

Evolving Flamblion will give you Blazefeline.

Image: Midjourney

Blazefeline is as fierce as he looks—he can literally set you ablaze, so if he asks you whether his mane looks good, your answer better be yes.

Flamblion’s final evolution gives you Infernoleon. You do not want to get into a fight with this guy.

Image: Midjourney

Despite its dulan look, you can rest assured that Infernoleon maintains the spirit of kindness. One roar from Infernoleon can solve all your conflicts, including that fight with your girlfriend because you didn’t notice that she cut her hair.

From Sharity to Cariphant, Sympheant & Harmonielle

Singaporeans’ favourite pink elephant, Sharity, has been around for nearly four decades.

You know what that means. It’s time for Uncle Sharity to evolve into a Pokémon too.

Image: Community Chest

Drumroll, please… Introducing, Cariphant!

Image: Midjourney

Simply being around Cariphant will make you smile—this Pokémon version of Sharity spreads positivity and good vibes using its psychic powers.

Hopefully, “positivity” doesn’t include spreading COVID-19 “positivity”.

Evolving Cariphant gives you Sympheant, the best empath.

Image: Midjourney

Sympheant also sports the distinct orange hairstyle that Sharity has.

The final evolution of Cariphant is Harmonielle, and believe us when we say the results of this evolution are mindblowing.

Image: Midjourney

Harmonielle will ensure that your mood remains good even after you watch the MRT doors slowly open, revealing a crowded train cabin with no visible space for you.

Pokémon Evolutions of Captain Green & Teamy

That’s not all the Pokémon versions of Singapore mascots there are.

For the Gen Zs out there who haven’t heard of any other mascots beyond Merli, Singa and Sharity, we’re here to educate you on other iconic mascots.

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Captain Green, the mascot for the National Environmental Agency (NEA)’s Clean & Green Singapore campaign, also has a Pokémon version of itself.

Image: Singapore Graphic Archives

The unevolved version of Captain Green is called Spriggle, a small grass-type Pokémon which loves the environment.

Please don’t step on it while taking wellness walks in the park!

Image: Midjourney

Evolving Spriggle gives you Verdilisk, which is even more enthusiastic about keeping the environment clean and green.

Image: Midjourney

Verdilisk will be on your tail if the temperature on your air-conditioner is lower than 25°C.

Finally, Spriggle evolves into Naturibian. You’ll find Naturibian hanging out wherever the HDB estates are the cleanest.

Image: Midjourney

If you’re in a slump right now, don’t worry, the next mascot on the list has your back.

Teamy is the mascot for Singapore’s national productivity campaign, and its current lao da is Enterprise Singapore.

Image: Singapore Memory Portal

With Teamy busy as a bee around you, you’ll definitely be able to find some motivation to get your work done.

The Pokémon version of Teamy is a bug-type Pokémon. In its unevolved form, Teamy is known as Buzzlit.

Image: Midjourney

Don’t let Buzzlit’s cute appearance fool you. Buzzlit is the most capable Pokémon you’ll ever meet—its productivity puts “fin bros” to shame.

Teamy then evolves to become Teamite, who can churn out a 1,000 word essay in 10 minutes for you.

Image: Midjourney

Finally, Teamy evolves into the ultimate beast of a Pokémon named Coopera.

Image: Midjourney

You can trust the Pokémon versions of Teamy to help you rush your 2359 deadlines and to be by your side whenever you have to OT.

If anything, Teamy and the Pokémon versions of itself probably OTs even more than you do.

So, which one of these Pokémon versions of Singapore’s mascots is your favourite?