Police, AVA & SPCA Raid Platinium Dogs Club; Owner of Property Didn’t Know Place Was Used for Pets

Image: Chained Dog Singapore Facebook Page / platiniumdogsclub.com


If there’s one thing all Singaporeans can agree on, cruelty to animals is a huge no-no.

I mean, a wise old Singaporean man once said, hitting your kids is considered discipline. Hitting poor, innocent dogs, on the other hand, is like taking candy from a kid. Except worse.

So when the news of Platinium Dogs Club broke the internet, chaos erupted.

The pet boarding house was accused of neglecting their dogs

Facebook page Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore wrote a post about a blind senior Cocker Spaniel named Sparky which had its head stuck in the gates of a house.

They claimed that the owner (of the house) was perfectly fine with letting the dog die and that the owner is allegedly the boarder of Platinium Dogs Club.

Also, Owners Sent Healthy Dogs To Be Taken Care Of But Returned in Poor Condition

A Shih Tzu and Chow Chow were boarded at Platinium Dogs Club while their owners went on holiday.


When the owners came back, their dogs had infections and skin inflammation.

And a Dog Allegedly Died Under Their Care

The dog owner was traumatised enough but the owner of Platinium Dogs Club allegedly threatened to sue them for harassment when they went online with their story.

The relevant authorities have gotten wind of this pet boarding house and they said they’ll be investigating the incidents further.

And now, the latest update in this entire saga is pretty mind-boggling: the owner of the house didn’t even know it was used as a pet boarding facility.

In other words, he thought he had rented the place to humans…only to realise recently that it was rented out to dogs. Literally.

SPCA, AVA and Police Raided Platinium Dogs Club Boarding House

On 29 December 2018 at around 1:00 p.m., the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and police officers raided the boarding house of Platinium Dogs Club.

The house in question is a semi-detached bungalow along Galistan Avenue at Bukit Panjang.

House Discovered in “Extremely Unhygienic” Conditions

According to Wanbao, 12 dogs and a rabbit were found in the house. They were fed by the SPCA team and checked to be in good condition before being taken out of the house.

The Chinese daily also reported that the house was extremely unhygienic.

Investigations are ongoing.

But here’s the kicker: the house was a rental, and when the owner realised it was being used as a pet boarding facility, he made a police report.

They had to engage a locksmith too as the owner did not have the keys to the house.

Tenant Claimed To Be Pet Groomer

The owner of the house claimed that his female tenant did not inform him about her pet boarding business.

She had allegedly told him that she operated a pet shop and that she’s a pet groomer with three dogs.

Complaints Received From Neighbours But Everything Seemed Fine

A couple of months after renting out the house, he received complaints from his neighbours.


They said that the smell of urine and noise coming from the house is unbearable.

But when he visited the house, it was clean and there were only three dogs. Hmm…fishy.

Plans To Evict The Female Tenant

He had tried contacting his tenant but she could not be reached.

According to one of the bystanders, the tenant allegedly doesn’t stay in the house but was often seen visiting the house for a couple of hours at night.

The owner said that he apologised for allowing this matter to have taken place at one of his properties and said he’ll be terminating the rental contract.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Platinium Dogs Club said that they’ve not mistreated any animals under their care.

But renting a place for human and then renting it out to pets?




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