Police Investigating Footage of Kids Who Threw Clothes Rack Down HDB


Just when I think people cannot get any more foolish, they always prove me wrong by doing something absolutely ludicrous.

Yep, that’s right, youths are now throwing stuff down the block, which begs the question, what is wrong with these people?

Or maybe this is true after all:

On 18 November 2018, a group of boys threw a laundry rack off a high-rise block. The authorities were alerted by the circulation of a video of the boys in the act.

The 13-second video shows a blurry overview of the incident:


This is a repost of the video which first circulated in Instagram, because that’s where youngsters hang out, right?

The person who uploaded the video even captioned, “Fk la fking funny i cannot”.

Excuse you, what is so hilarious about engaging in a stupid and dangerous act?

Even though the video is unclear, you can still see two boys throwing a white rack and a fabric cloth off of the block. After that, they ran off with a few other boys down the corridor.


In the next comment, someone typed “Btw guys dont save the video and post cause ltr kena trend we die”.

Well, it’s saved, posted and trended, and they’re “dying”.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the police reassured the public that a report has been lodged against the group of youths.

Seven youths, all of whom are 17 years old, are assisting with the police investigation.

History Repeats Itself

Of course, this is not the first time someone has thrown something out in an inappropriate manner. And I’m sure we will witness more of these incidents occurring again.

In January, a domestic helper was arrested for discarding items from a flat on the second floor. This happened in Ang Mo Kio, and the helper threw heavy items like a rice cooker, appliances and clothes. She even threw a wheelchair down from the window of the flat.

Just last year, a man threw items such as a knife and a small statue down from his Bukit Panjang flat during a heated argument with his wife. One of the items hit the windscreen of a car at the carpark, shattering it.

The man was also arrested.

But of course, the difference is that they didn’t film themselves doing it. And they weren’t laughing.

The Law

Don’t be a litterbug; even a primary school child knows that. Imagine someone’s walking and you could be a murderer.


According to the Environmental Public Health Act, you could get slapped with a full fine of S$2,000 the first time round. If you’re a repeat offender, you could be fined up to S$10,000.

In 2014, a man was fined S$19,800 (a record high!) for throwing cigarette butts out of his flat. He was also ordered to perform five hours of Corrective Work Order (CWO). The 38-year -old man was caught littering 34 times by a camera deployed by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

For those of you litter bugs out there, here is a video for you from my childhood:

Never too late for you to throw that rubbish in!

Your parents are wrong: MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is good for you (sort of). Here’s the truth:

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