Police Not Taking Any Action on Xiaxue’s Old Posts That Were Allegedly Racist

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It seems like decades ago, but it was only in July that Singaporeans went to the polls to cast ballots for their preferred political party.

What you’ll remember, besides the long queues and that famous white cat, is that a police report was made roughly every three seconds.

Politicians, political parties, and supporters of political parties were the alleged offenders.

Surprisingly, even an influencer had a police report lodged against her. And now, more than two months later, it seems like nothing will come of it.

Police Not Taking Any Action on Xiaxue’s Old Posts That Were Allegedly Racist

The police said they will not take any action against social media influencer, Xiaxue, after she was reported for making allegedly racist posts.

According to a police statement, the person who reported Xiaxue alleged that these online posts had “intended to wound religious or racial feelings and constituted harassment against minorities.”

“The Police have consulted the Attorney-General’s Chambers, which advised no further action in relation to these posts as the elements of an offence have not been established beyond a reasonable doubt. The Police will not be taking any further action on the matter”, they said.

While Worker’s Party MP Raeesah Khan was recently given a stern warning by the police for her allegedly racist posts, no warning was issued to Xiaxue.

A Recap

If you’re that white cat who stole voters’ hearts on Polling Day, you probably have no idea what the heck I’m talking about.

Image: YouTube (CNA)

Well, here’s a little recap, my furry friend.

See, it all started when a netizen lodged a police report against Khan for comments she made on Facebook, making her the focus of media attention just a week before citizens took to the polls.

In 2018, Khan had written a post in relation to the City Harvest Church ruling. And in Feb 2020, she wrote another post alleging that local law enforcement discriminates against minorities.

Khan apologised for her comments, but Xiaxue decided it was imperative that the world know her thoughts on the matter.

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So, she posted this:

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

She called Khan a “racist” and accused her of “stirring up racist sentiments”.

The only problem with calling the kettle black on the internet is that netizens will dig up pictures of you as a pot from a decade ago, and shove it in your face.

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One netizen who did a little digging found that Xiaxue had posted some questionable tweets of her own in the past, reportedly targeted at migrant workers.

Image: ibtimes


Image: Twitter

And so he made a police report against Xiaxue.

Made Her Blog & Twitter Private

In response to a wave of online criticism, Xiaxue uploaded a 19-minute-long video on “Cancel Culture”, claiming she’s a victim of a witch-hunt organised by the “woke crowd” on the internet.

She also reportedly filed a protection order and harassment suit against those who are trying to “cancel” her, claiming netizens had “crossed the line”.


Xiaxue’s Twitter and blog had also been made private, though her Instagram and Facebook accounts are still public.

Netizen Reactions

Some netizens aren’t too pleased with the police’s ruling, especially in light of the stern warning issued to Khan.


I guess with the subject matter and the timing, it’s probably hard not to compare the two cases.

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