Poor Doggo Had To Be Operated On After Eating 38 Rubber Duckies

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We all love dogs but we have to admit, they do eat some weird things.

If you think I’m just talking about shoes and furniture, think again.

Tasty toys

One vet from Thailand had the shock of her life when she was operating on an American bulldog.

According to Lad Bible, dog owner Nong Aom had found her two-year-old American Bulldog called Devil retching at her home in Pattaya one morning. 

When Devil threw up six rubber ducks, she realised the bulldog had gotten into a box of 50 yellow ducks she’d bought the night before to decorate her swimming pool.

She discovered that most of the rubber ducks in the box were missing.

What’s this: does the dog think that the ducks are real ducks?

A Shocking Revelation

Taking no chances, Nong brought her dog to the vet and requested an X-ray to see if there were any more rubber ducks in Devil’s stomach.

To her astonishment, the Thai vet found a horde of rubber ducks in the dog’s stomach, and there were too many to count.

After analysing the x-ray, the vet quickly scheduled an operation for the poor dog.

She then made a shocking discovery during the operation – the dog had 32 rubber ducks in its stomach.

If I were the vet, I’d probably be confused – should I be worried or impressed?

See Hua Daily

I don’t think even my fat boss can stuff so many rubber ducks into his big stomach.

It’s Not Just Ducks

The Thai vet also removed two pieces of rubber balls and an undigested cow skin snack from the dog’s stomach.

The vet said it was the first time she had found so many rubber ducks in a dog: “I have removed rubber toys from dogs’ bellies before but I have never encountered this many. It was unbelievable.”


Thankfully, Devil survived the two-hour operation. Her owner was certainly relieved, to say the least.

Be Careful Of What You Leave Lying Around

“Normally my dog will not eat everything. He knows what’s edible and what’s not. But this time he swallowed 38 of the ducks”, Nong said. 

“There were 12 left and he would have eaten the rest if he didn’t start to feel sick.

“It’s very lucky I found him and I live so close to the vets or he might not have survived.”

The vet also advised dog owners to be cautious about where they keep small household items like rubber ducks.

“Rubber ducks and other small toys are very dangerous. You have to be careful because dogs are very innocent and don’t know that toys are not meant to be eaten.”

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So, if you think your dog won’t eat tiny toys around the house because you believe your dog is smarter than that, well, they’re not.

Dogs are dumb. Cute but dumb.

Don’t let these furry creatures suffer as a result of your carelessness.

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