Popeyes Chicken Sandwich That Was Sold Out in the US Coming to S’pore from 16 Sept

There was a time when Popeye was simply a scrawny sailor who was always pining after a rather useless and gullible adorable girl. He teaches me to eat my greens, says that’s how you get strong and healthy.

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In an interesting turn of event, I grew up to associate the name ‘Popeye’ with something else. It has nothing to do with the childhood nightmare that is spinach. Quite the opposite – it is every kid’s dream come true.

Popeyes’ World Famous Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes, a Louisiana sensation serving spicy, New Orleans-style fried chicken since 1972.

The restaurant chain has more than 2,000 outlets worldwide, with 14 of them stationed in Singapore.

Apart from the signature, their menu encompasses seafood dishes and burgers – most of them drenched in the unmistakable cajun dressing.

After 30-some years of perfecting the acclaimed fried chicken, some genius decided to wedge the chunky protein between two brioche buns.

Slathered in spicy cajun sauce and topped with tingly pickles, the world-famous Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich was born.

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It was launched last year in the States to overwhelming response.

It sold out in three weeks, inciting some pretty crazy behaviours, like destroying one’s own car to cut the drive-thru line.

You know, pretty standard stuff we see every day.

Marinated to Perfection

The thick, juicy slab of fillet used overseas is typically chicken breast. But, to cater to our palate, Popeyes’ Singapore will be featuring locally-sourced chicken thigh instead.

The meat is marinated for at least 12 hours in a secret batter comprising of Louisiana seasonings.

It is then hand-battered and breaded with buttermilk before being fried at the optimal temperature for crispy, tender perfection.

The buns, on the other hand, tastes similar to their biscuits – the same milky, buttery goodness.

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Unlike most sandwiches where the bread takes a back seat to the filling, Popeyes’ buns are pronounced and indispensable to the dish.

A limited quantity of the sandwich will be available daily at Popeyes’ outlets islandwide from 16 Sep to 14 Oct.

Don’t Say Bojio: Free Chicken Sandwich

Want to try it out but unwilling to pay for it? Wish you’ll get a guaranteed burger instead of going in day after day to try your luck?

Popeyes Singapore is now offering you a chance to join their event where you’ll be the first to savour the world-famous chicken burger…for absolutely free.

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All you got to do is sign up for their premier event here.

Be one of the first 300 sign-ups and you’re on your way to redeem the burger at Popeyes Bugis Village on 15 Sep 2020, 1 day before the rest of Singapore gets to fight over it.


Like all things new and trendy, Singaporeans will fight till their very last breaths to get a taste. Case in point, these limited edition Lay’s KFC chips sold out in two days after the article was published.

In all seriousness, don’t let the hype get to your head. Be patient, civilized, and most importantly, fine with missing the release.

Lest we recreate the tragedy where a man was stabbed to death by fellow Popeyes patron in a fight over the sandwich.


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