Popeyes ‘Crispy’ Rendang Chicken Review: So Good, S’poreans Should Thank MasterChef UK For The Idea


Now that all the crispy chicken rendang memes and jokes all over the Internet have died, let me bring it back.

And as it turns out, since Popeyes got involved, because guess what they recently released?

Their Rendang Chicken flavour!

Combined with their crispy fried chicken, what do you get…?

That’s right!

Crispy Chicken Rendang!

(Okay we coin that, but hey, it makes sense, right?)

Image: Popeyes

Hahaha, good one Popeyes!

So we decided we’ll try it out and let you guys know what it’s like, ‘coz according to a character in this video, rendang chicken that isn’t crispy can’t be eaten:


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So let’s go on to the review now.


Just a disclaimer: we all had a pretty busy day in the office today so we did not get to eat the chicken the moment it arrived, meaning it wasn’t as crispy as it would be if you got it fresh.

Our meal came with garlic rice, cajun fries and a side of 2pc spicy chicken, all on top of the 2pc rendang chicken.

We are going to jump right into how the rendang chicken fared because I am still having a chuckle at Popeyes taking this joke to the next level.

Bloody smart marketing tactic if you ask me.

Anyway moving on, this is what the rendang chicken looks like when you open the box!

(Apologies in advance for the out-of-focus chicken).

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it’s actually pretty much the regular Popeyes spicy chicken topped with rendang sauce and pineapple-onion chunks.

Let’s take a closer look at the chicken!


To be honest, it didn’t smell like much so I didn’t really have high hopes regarding the taste.

I mean some things should not go together right…

More than a little sceptical, I took the first bite.

Hahahahaha what a slap in the face. I was proven wrong.

I’m going to say something very controversial okay.


The rendang chicken is GOOD.

I’m serious.

It’s good.

The sauce tastes like pretty much what rendang would taste like without that added oompfff of being cooked with the meat and rolled around in all the different spices and herbs.

So I guess you could say it probably tastes like commercialised rendang, but not the traditional homemade kind. The onions are a little overpowering, covering much of the rendang sauce.


Which is still really good (just good in a different way).

And even though had to wait a while before we could dig in, the chicken still had a nice solid crunch to it (but I’ll bet anything that it still tastes better fresh)!

Plus the spicy chicken adds a nice peppery kick to the overall taste.

As mentioned, the pineapple-onion topping was quite misleading because it didn’t have a strong pineapple taste like you would expect from the ads! But then again, someone could have stolen my pineapple, because another colleague claimed that he tasted no onion but mere pineapple.

Still, that was a great addition to the sauce and chicken.

You’d get an additional two pieces of chicken if you order from the combo, making this a good meal to share.

The garlic rice was a pleasant accompaniment to the rendang chicken. To me, it just made sense because you usually eat rendang with rice, right?

(Not that the rendang is strong here, but anyways)


The rice would have been better hot and fresh because it was a bit soggy by the time we ate it!

The meal also comes with a large portion of cajun fries and cheese sauce.

Again, perfect for sharing!

And let’s be real, you can never go wrong with Popeyes fries.

But at the end of the day, the star of the show was really the rendang chicken.

The sauce is really lovely and creamy, and it still tastes like rendang, with a nice, peppery kick from the chicken.

Crispy chicken rendang from Popeyes has my vote!

Image: Reddit

It is very appealing to the Singaporean flavour palette while making quite the bold statement.

So don’t be afraid to try it!

What do you know? Crispy rendang is really a thing. At least for now.

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