Popeyes New IG-Worthy Mac N Cheese in Waffle Review: Weird Combo That Somehow Works

I’m betting all my boss’s assets that you didn’t know Popeyes has just released a Mac N’ Cheese that’s placed on a waffle bowl.

Here’s how it looks like in Popeyes’ Facebook Page.

When our resident cat walks past my computer, it stopped and looked at the screen for a full ten minutes.

Image: GifImage.net

“Is it…a flower? It’s so Instagram worthy.”

“You want to try?” I asked although I’ve no intention of knowing his answer.

“Of course. You managed to steal boss’s card, right?”


And so, I bought one for myself, take a few images and send the images to the resident cat to edit.

Here’s my review.

First Look

Let’s face it: the food isn’t to feed our stomach. I mean, Mac N’ Cheese on a waffle bowl? If that doesn’t scream Instagram, I don’t know what would.

So, does it pass the visual test?

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

Now, do note that we had our food delivered over via Deliveroo, so the Kangaroo played a vital role on whether this would end up in our Instagram feed.

Without further ado, here’s the masterpiece:

Given that it’s been through a journey from Jurong East to Bukit Batok, I’d say that it passes the test. While I hold the slightest hope that it’ll look exactly the same as the image posted in Popeyes’ Facebook Page and it disappointed me, I must still give credit for the waffle bowl to have held its shape, though it looks a little more like an out-of-shape plate instead of a bowl.


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Bet many of you didn’t know that Popeyes just released an Instagram-worthy new item, the Mac N’ Cheese in Waffle Bowl. It apparently tastes savoury, but the unsung hero is the waffle: it isn’t crispy like those ice-cream cone—it’s the soft type and can be eaten by itself as it resembles the green pandan waffle commonly found in old-school bakery. Read the review in our app. Link in bio. Guy Who Didn’t Get to Eat It: @notzhihao #sgig #sg #singapore #instasg #yoursingapore #sgphoto #singaporean #singaporelife #thisissingapore #instagramsg #igerssingapore #iluvsg #sgdaily #singaporeig #sglocal #sglifestyle #sgbloggers #sgblogger #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodsg #sgigfood #sgfoodporn #popeyeschicken #popeyes

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The Mac N’ Cheese is supposed to be eaten with Popeyes’ iconic chicken, but since reviewing their chicken is akin to reviewing a Filet-O-Fish, I decided to have the Mac N’ Cheese by itself to experience its true taste.

Let’s just say that I forgot it was Popeyes.

Taste Test

For a start, here’s a disclaimer: I’m not a fan of cheese, so if the macaroni is too overwhelmed with cheese, I might just feed it to our resident cat.

Image: Giphy

There, he’s here after dyeing his fur. But unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get a chance to try it.

Because I managed to finish the whole thing.

The macaroni and creamy cheese, fortunately for me, wasn’t too cheesy: there’s a slight hint of sweetness and even after having the whole thing, I don’t feel jaded. While it’s a little too dry for my liking, it’s still a savoury dish.

But it’s the waffle bowl that stands out.

Despite its look, the waffle isn’t crispy like those ice-cream cone—it’s the soft type and can be eaten by itself as it resembles the green pandan waffle commonly found in old-school bakery. I’ve absolutely no idea how it managed to keep its shape yet still stay soft.

Unlike those Belgian waffle you’re familiar with, it doesn’t taste like sweetened flour, but more of premium ingredients to begin with. I’ve to admit that I’m shocked at the quality, given that some people might just skipped it (just like how some people skip the crust of an egg tart).

But there’s just this weird sensation when I’m having it in the office: it doesn’t feel like I’m having fast-food.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but to me, when I have fast food, I want people to know that it’s fast food, since it’s like a statement to others that I’m having fast and cheap junk food.

It just doesn’t feel right to have an Instagram-worthy fast-food.

Maybe it’s just me, but anyways.

I’ll give the Mac N’ Cheese a 3.5 stars out of 5, and the waffle a 4.5 stars out of 5.

However, I won’t have it again, purely because it’s really just a novelty despite how goody it is. Then again, it’s a Christmas item so I probably won’t see it again after all.


While doing research for this, I stumbled across something interesting: you can get a scratch & win card (I didn’t get it leh: or maybe my colleague took it away since we ordered through Deliveroo and he was the one who received it) or win a MapleStorySEA plushie just by ordering the Mac N’ Cheese set.

Here are the details of the Eat to Win (29 Nov 18 to 7 Jan 19) scratch card promotion:

Image: popeyes.com.sg

Steps to redeem

  1. Purchase any Mac N Chickmas Set, Combo or Friendly Feast to receive a scratch card.
  2. Download PC version of MapleStorySEA form http://bit.ly/mapleseadownload
  3. Login to MapleStorySEA
  4. Enter the cash Shop and click on the “Coupon”, found on the top right.
  5. Key in the 30 digit redemption code from the scratch card.
  6. Enjoy your new limited edition Popeyes item in your Cash Item Wardrobe.

Now, as mentioned, we didn’t receive it when we ordered it via Deliveroo so we cannot confirm if it’s valid via delivery. Also, we bought the Chickmas Buddy Meal instead of just the Mac N Chickmas Set, so that might not come with the card.

And next, the cute MapleStorySEA plushies promotion:

Image: popeyes.com.sg
  1. Snap a receipt of your Mac N Chickmas Set, Combo and Friendly Feast purchased
  2. Submit to http://bit.ly/PPYxMAPLE with the following details
    1. Store Name
    2. Your name, email and contact number
    3. Image of the receipt

For more information, click here.

You know what? These promotions are good enough reason for you to try it. Cut fat can wait till next year.

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