Popeyes S’pore Now Having Bonito Fries & Chicken with Yakitori Sauce


Japanese everything is the craze now.

We’ve got online movie superstar Maria Ozawa starring in a Singapore property platform advertisement, we’ve got Pokemon in every part of the country and we’ve got Marie Kondo telling us how to tidy up our messy room.

And now, Popeyes has decided to spark some joy by releasing the Yummy-Tori Chicken.

Yeah, I also don’t know what’s a Yummy-Tori Chicken.

Simply put, it’s Popeyes’ “signature Cajun chicken topped with a flawless blend of lusciously rich mayonnaise and smokey yakitori sauce”.

Oh, just that usual Cajun—chottomatte.


Yakitori sauce?

That yakitori sauce used in Japanese “satay” made popular by Taro-Q, which has an outlet just about everywhere?

That sweet yet a little salty sauce that somehow made even the most boring satay lit?

Image: Giphy

From the look of it, it seems to blend yakitori sauce with mayonnaise, which somehow reminds me of another Japanese food, takoyaki. Not sure if those dried flakes are bonito, and if they are, I’m sure they’ll spark joy.

According to its website, it’ll be available until 15 April 2019, and costs $8.90 a meal.

Comes in Various Deals

Unlike other typical fast-food chains, Popeyes has burgers, chicken, rice and fries, so there’s a variety of choices for their new item.

Here are what you can choose, depending on whether you’re a fries person or a rice person (though I’ll suggest their rice if you haven’t tried it before):

Image: popeyes.com.sg
Image: popeyes.com.sg

In fact, there’s a whole array of coupons you can download here.

In the meantime, lest you’ve missed it, here’s something that’ll spark even more joy:

Image: popeyes.com.sg

Yeah, it’s bonito fries.

Not sure why they’ve not publicized this as much, but if I were them, I’d have definitely pushed this as hard as the new chicken.

Though, of course, $4.50 might be a tad pricy, but hey: bonito fries leh. Not sour egg yolk loaded fries leh.


In the meantime, we’ll try to steal our boss’ credit card so that we can review this “joyful” new item for you guys on the next #FastFoodFriday. Stay tuned and remember to come to the app daily 😉