Popeyes S’pore No Longer Providing Straws from 15 May 2019 as Well

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If you have not purchased your own reusable straw kit already, I strongly recommend that it is time to start considering investing in one.

Because more and more businesses are getting into the trend of not giving out straws.

Another One Bites The Dust

If you’re not used to drinking your coca cola from the paper cup directly, it’s time to get used to it.

Popeyes announced on 9 May 2019 that they would officially stop providing straws as of 15 May 2019.

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And they’ve garnered pretty positive attention from their customers (at least on Facebook)

This announcement comes after a slate of companies have made the same executive decision to put an end to providing straws in a bid to save the environment.

Why straws are a problem 

So if you are not a tree hugger, you would probably be asking why there seems to be this sudden war on straws? Some of you might also be upset that the convenience that a straw provides has been stripped away from you.

The problem with straws is that most of them are single-use items. Despite what Donald Trump says, I am here to tell you that climate change is real.

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We drink our coke from Mc Donalds and throw it into the bin without a second thought.

This is a huge waste and adds unnecessary pollution to our world.

The straws that we use today will outlive us as they can take thousands of years to decompose or may never decompose. Most of these plastics are not recyclable.

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Some may question the proportion of the impact that removing straws will actually have on the environment as they are so small. However, environmentalists are advocating that change starts here. Slowly, we will start to realise that there are many things that we can live without. From there, we can remove unnecessary plastic waste and protect the earth.

Other companies have also announced that they would be removing plastic straws.

Burger King 

Burger King decided not to provide straws and lids.

Source: The Straits Times


Yakult is one of my favourite drinks. I’ve always had the belief that the creator of the company is a wizard who knows just how much to put in a bottle to leave us satisfied but wanting more.

Well, Yakult made the decision in 2018 to stop providing straws with their widely loved drink to save the environment.

Some people still cannot let go of straws

The banning of straws seems to be a trend that is growing. However, there are still some people who are struggling with the change.

Although KFC announced that they would be banning straws in 2018, it went viral when one of the outlets was caught giving out straws.

Source: The Straits Times

Ironically, the straw dispenser was hidden right behind the ‘Say NO to straws’ sign.

Will you do your part?

Sure bringing a metal straw around can be a source of inconvenience. However, if this means that the world we live in can remain beautiful and clean for future generations, would you be willing to take on this challenge?

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