Popular HK Cosplayer Gets New Job At Foodpanda & Delivers Food; Shares Photos

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It seems like the Hong Kong protests show no signs of slowing down.

Already going on for 20 weeks, I think it’s fair to say that citizens have had their daily routines interrupted.

Alas, life goes on. Work and school life must continue.

Image: Giphy

Though, with mobs that huge I’d be more worried about getting crushed when going outside.

But some people take this chance to find new jobs and believe it or not, it might even benefit them.

Cosplaying And Food Delivery

Because doing only the former can be a little strenuous on the wallet.

Hong Kong-based cosplayer Nicky, or Nicky Coser on his social media (yes, he cross-dressed and did a splendid job at that), recently posted an update on his new job as a Foodpanda delivery rider.

He mostly does anime-based cosplay, with some of them being his original creations.

A brief translation of his post revealed that he had actually left his previous office job due to his previous being too ‘touchy’.

Luckily, he saw some positions available on Foodpanda and decided to give it a shot.

Good on him honestly. People deserve basic respect.

Nicky goes on to say that his job as a delivery personnel would help earn some money on the side for his family and possibly help his fund future cosplays.

Respect +100. 

Image: Tenor


Fan Response

So what do his fans think?

I think it would be a lot of people’s dream to have someone you admire personally deliver food to you.

This is especially true with Nicky’s fan as can be seen from the multiple comments asking for personal deliveries (even out of Hong Kong!).

Image: Instagram (@nickycoser)

The commenter asked if they could have their food delivered to Taiwan.

Bro, that’s kind of miles away.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

Unfortunately for them, Nicky has clarified that he would be based only in Kowloon, shattering many a fan-fantasy I would assume.

Lucrative Job Option

While it may seem like nothing special, being a food deliveryman in such trying times does have benefits.

According to an article by the South China Morning Post, business in outdoor eateries has taken a dip.


This gives rise to a large number of people who would rather stay home, allowing the food delivery business to prosper. Smells like profit. 

Image: Know Your Meme

Someone once told me that there are three kinds of people in this world: the optimist, pessimist, and opportunist.

The optimist sees a glass of water as half full while the pessimist says the glass is half empty?

The opportunist? They take the glass and drink it. In this story, Nicky is definitely the opportunist.


Something we can all learn from him really.

Which means if no one eats the snacks in my living room before next week, they’re mine.

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