Popular Vlogger NAS Daily Is Moving To S’pore But Some People Started Petition To Ban Him From Entering

Here are some reasons why popular YouTube vlogger Nas Daily considers Singapore the ‘almost perfect country’:

  • Singapore has banned smoking in most outdoor areas, a huge boon for non-smokers
  • We have ‘forced’ people of different races and ethnicities to live together in harmony, and let’s face it: it has worked very well
  • Singapore has solved the traffic problem with a system that continually limits the number of cars on the roads
  • Speaking of cars, they are parked in reverse, which saves space and ensures one lot per car
  • Pulau Semakau, unlike most landfills, is so clean and beautiful, it is resort-like
  • Singapore’s NEWater means that not a drop of water is wasted

When Singaporeans read this, the common reaction is:

Image: Know Your Meme

So why are we talking about him.

To understand, let’s go back to the beginning.

Who is Nas Daily?

Image: Facebook

Nas Daily, or Nuseir Yassin, is a Palestinian-Israeli YouTube vlogger who makes short video clips about the global society.

Some of his most popular videos are those where he travels the world and makes one-minute videos about the unique feature of each country he visits.

Singapore is one of those countries.

But what makes his Singapore videos stand out is that he has concluded that Singapore is the ‘almost perfect’ country, due to the above features.

Here is the video:


But what has had many Singaporeans buzzing very recently is his and his girlfriend’s announcement:

They are moving to Singapore to live and to build up the Nas Daily Media Company.

In an Instagram post yesterday (20 March 2019), the blogger’s girlfriend Alyne Tamir posted a photo from Marina Bay Sand’s pool. In her caption, she announces that after 3 straight years of traveling, the couple will be moving to Singapore for “two months or two years”.

And the reason?

Singapore is the ‘hub of Asia and arguably the major hub of the world’, making it an ideal location to live and build up the Nas Daily Media Company.

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Hours after his girlfriend’s post, Nas Daily confirmed the announcement with his own on his account.

Although he acknowledges that Singapore is the most expensive city to live in, he believes that Singapore is the new America and therefore the best place he can live in and build up his company.

They are planning to move over next month.

Which brings us to the next thing happening right now.

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A Contentious Relationship Between S’poreans & Nas Daily

With every of his Singapore videos that he posts, Singaporeans have had a lot to say in the comments.

Back then, in response to one of the backlashes on his ‘almost perfect’ video, he posted this:


So we’re really not surprised to know that…

Some Singaporeans are Petitioning to Ban Him

Image: change.org

Explaining that ‘his videos do contain stereotypical and also brainwashing elements and subliminal messages’, a Change.org petition has been launched to ban Nas Daily from entering Singapore in order not to ‘make matters worst’.

A comment elaborated:

Image: Screengrab from Change.org

The petition was begun on March 20 by Azman Samsudin and is addressed to the IMDA, Lee Hsien Loong and the government of Singapore.

As of now, it has garnered over 1,700 signatures.

Bringing Over His Company

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, here’s a fact: he’s bringing his company over.

This means jobs for Singaporeans, which is always a good thing.

And if he manage to grow his company to a thousand employees? We’re talking about many new jobs, and also a boost (not a lot lah, but still something) in our economy.


In other words, think of the bigger picture and it’s actually a rather goody thing #justsaying


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