Pornsak asked “Do you know who I am?” on national TV and this is how everyone reacted


If you were watching The Star Awards ceremony on 24 April 2016, you’ll know what we’re talking about. For those who are not familiar, or didn’t really bother to watch because you’re busy Netflix-ing, you have missed out on something exciting. A smaller scale of what happened to Steve Harvey, in fact.

It’s not really exciting, just a short snippet of the show where Pornsak teased Rui En about her recent brush with the law by saying this fateful sentence: do you know who I am?

But the reactions were hilarious nonetheless. Rui En gave a shrug and a smile, the female artistes around her were smiling and eyeing her warily, and the male actors on stage just opened their mouths in shock. Everybody looked like they couldn’t believe Pornsak said that.

It was like that awkward moment where no one really knew what to do. Along with Pornsak was Li Teng and Dennis Chew, or more affectionately known as Auntie Lucy.

They were quick to react, with Li Teng saying they know who he is, while Chew stated that the joke wasn’t funny.

Here’s the video of the snippet to refresh your memory of what took place that night:

The really exciting part only comes in after the 14-seconds long video was uploaded onto Channel 8 Facebook Page, and the internet responded. As of 26 April, the Facebook video has garnered over 151,000 shares and 1,754 reactions on the post itself.


Fans of Rui En rose up to condemn Pornsak, and non-related people rose up to defend him. And of course, you have a third camp asking everybody to take it easy, comparing the audiences of Taiwan and those of Singaporeans, saying it’s showbiz, and how you should take it easy.

The one notable comment we wanted to showcase is this witty Facebook user who managed to make a meme that is so frigging awesome.

Image: Facebook (Channel 8)
Image: Facebook (Channel 8)

Well, I guess everyone knew who Pornsak is now. Not really the way he wanted them to know him, though. Poor guy.


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