Pornsak is Now a Licensed TCM Physician in S’pore After Studying for It for 10 Years


If you live in Singapore, chances are you’ll know about Pornsak.

From hosting shows to a restaurant business, Pornsak has been a mainstay in the list of local celebs for many years.

You may even have heard that he had left Mediacorp in a Facebook post on 2 Feb.

He’s even jumped into the world of online shopping with celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and fellow host Michelle Chia at Mdada达达开播.

So with many experiences under his belt, what’s next for the multi-talented man?

Pornsak is Now a Licensed TCM Physician in S’pore After Studying for It for 10 Years

Well for one, maybe you’d see him if you’re familiar with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Because he’s apparently now a licensed sinseh.


Pornsak actually announced this on his Instagram on 18 April, and even noted that he had been studying hard for about 10 years now.

Imagine having to juggle your full-time work along with studying for so many years.

Salute to that dedication.

You can see in the video that he rather excitedly gets his wallet out in order to show his license.

Image: Instagram (@Pornsakp)

What Pornsak has is known as a “full registration” and can “practise his prescribed area(s) of TCM on his own anywhere in Singapore.”

He also says to stay tuned for future plans and hopes to “be a worthy and good doctor.”

You can view the video here:

Journey To Becoming A TCM Practitioner

However, this may not be as shocking to some.

Pornsak actually obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Guangzhou University Of Chinese Medicine back in 2015.

One of the main reason he cited was for his dad, now 98, who raised him after his mother passed away when he was five.

This is, by the way, on top of his bachelor’s degree in business management from SMU and a master’s degree in early childhood education from Australia’s Monash University.

Did we already mention filial on top of the multi-talented part?

Several years prior, his dad actually had a swollen hand without a clear reason.


And even after going to doctors in Thailand and Singapore, they couldn’t cure it.

Pornsak eventually chanced upon local physician Chen Mei Er, who helped to cure his dad’s hand with acupuncture.

He eventually started studying, but it wasn’t without hard work.

Lessons lasted over 3 hours and he had to attend classes three nights a week in Singapore.

In total, he spent around $30,000 on the degree.

After getting the degree, he described that he could at least tend to his father’s health personally.


In the long run, he also talked about opening up a clinic in Thailand for the needy.

“Some of the people there are so poor that they can’t afford food, much less medication.”

Featured Image: Instagram (@pornsakp)

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