After Porsche Driver Knocked Into Lane-Splitting Bike, Another Lane-Splitting Bike Crashed Into His Car

Chain Reaction on Expressway: Porsche Driver’s Lane Change Results in Two Motorcycle Accidents

The fear of being involved in a traffic accident is a common concern among drivers, but being part of two separate incidents within a span of one minute is exceptionally rare and unfortunate. This was the case for a Porsche driver who recently became involved in two back-to-back accidents.

The series of events unfolded on an expressway when the Porsche driver, attempting to switch lanes, accidentally collided with a lane-splitting motorcycle carrying two riders.

After the first accident, he opened his door and another accident occurred almost immediately. Another motorcycle, also lane-splitting, crashed into the open car door. This impact caused the motorcyclist to swerve and scrape a nearby white car before tumbling over.

These accidents have sparked mixed reactions online, with many netizens leaning towards holding the Porsche driver responsible. They argue that the driver should have ensured the lane was clear and used his side-view mirrors more effectively before attempting any manoeuvres.

Detailed Breakdown of the Two Collisions

Dashcam footage captured the initial moment when the black Porsche was trying to merge into another lane. As it approached the lane, a high-speed motorcycle crashed into the vehicle, resulting in the two riders being thrown onto the road.

Source: Singapore Road Accident

The Porsche driver then stopped his car and attempted to exit his vehicle to check on the riders. Unfortunately, his actions inadvertently caused the other accident.

As he opened his car door, another lane-switching motorcycle collided with it. The rider then collided with a white car before falling.

Source: Singapore Road Accident

The Porsche driver was then seen attending to the three victims. We do hope that the three riders and the driver are safe and did not sustain serious injuries from the accidents.

Though, the driver should really consider hanging a four leaf clover in his car the next time he drives.

You can watch the video here:

Increasing Traffic Accidents in 2023

Recent data from Singapore’s Police Force, indicates a concerning rise in traffic accidents. In the first half of 2023 alone, there was an 11.8% increase in accidents leading to resulting in injuries or fatalities.

More alarmingly, the number of injured persons and fatalities even increased by 17.5% amounting to 4,550 injuries as compared to 3,886 in 2022.