LTA Confirms There Have Been More Potholes Recently & Are Expediting Repairs

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The cost of driving in Singapore is known to be very high, with all the COEs and road taxes. What most people don’t know is that according to the World Economic Forum, Singapore is world number 1 when it comes to road quality.

Uncle Bao: Of course la! I one year pay $900 in road tax, $40k in COE leh, then must share with those cyclists who didn’t even pay a single-

But of course, even the best could go wrong.

It has been raining for the first 2 weeks of January, which has caused quite a few things to happen, like two landslides and an angry me because I could not picnic at marina barrage.

Now, while water is both a friend and a foe to us, what it did to the road recently definitely makes it a foe.

More Potholes after Prolonged Heavy Rain

According to LTA, the number of potholes they have detected in January so far is about 1,400; that’s double the monthly average number of potholes detected last year, which is about 700.

Remember: we’re only halfway through January.

There were so many potholes such that one family had their car ran over two potholes on a trip which cause the car’s tyres to deflate and crack. Statistically speaking, even when they’re super down on their luck, they would have only gone over one pothole last year.

So, how does water contribute to more potholes?

An LTA spokesperson has explained that as a result of wear and tear, water was able to seep into the cracks formed. The continuous movement of vehicles causes the water to seep further into the cracks, causing it to widen and form potholes.

They’re now expediting repair works.

Patching Up

With the amount of road taxes people pay, it’s not surprising to learn that LTA normally aims to fix the potholes within 24 hours, which is really fast given that you could see the pothole here and it will disappear when you come again tomorrow.

Patching a pothole is like using super glue to patch your shoes, as any water will slow down the patching process, but with the weatherman saying that it’s going to be dry for the next few weeks, patching up potholes might be faster than Taylor Swift patching up with her exes.

And also, because the potholes are more dangerous to cyclists, LTA has warned drivers to look out for them in case they swerve into the vehicle’s way.

Uncle Bao: But they didn’t pay-

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