Remains of Body Found in Potong Pasir HDB Flat When NEA Officers Are Conducting Dengue Checks


Last Updated on 2020-07-05 , 11:40 am

Oh? What’s this?

A piece of news that isn’t related to the General Elections or COVID-19? Could this be real?

Yes, it’s real, but unfortunately, it isn’t good news.

… seriously, what’s wrong with 2020?

While we’ve mostly been busy dealing with one virus, another has been sneakily building up its cases as well.

Dengue Fever Resurgence

Largely due to a spike during the circuit breaker period, the amount of dengue fever cases had been seeing a massive resurgence.

In fact, we’re seeing the highest amount of cases since 2013 – which was the largest outbreak in Singapore’s history which stands in at 22,170 cases.

The number of cases reported this year come in at 14,000, but experts expect it to break 2013’s record.

Hence, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) has been conducting stringent dengue inspections in HDB areas, particularly where there are known clusters.

Repeat offenders of causing breeding grounds would face harsher penalties, according to CNA.

Remains of Dead Body Found During Inspection

One area that has known clusters is an HDB estate at Potong Pasir Avenue 3 with 178 cases.

NEA officers were inspecting Block 139 when they reportedly came across a unit where they had failed, multiple times, to get in touch with the owner to open the premises for an inspection.

As entry by force was permitted in such situations, the NEA officers then contracted a locksmith to break into the flat.

So, the door was forced open and they went in preparing to discover mosquito breeding spots, only to find the remains of a dead body in the kitchen.


A “skeleton” was apparently all that remained of the original corpse, according to the locksmith.

He added that despite the open windows of the flat, there was “no smell at all” detected from the outside.

Currently, police investigations of the “unnatural death” are ongoing but they do not suspect foul play at the moment.

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Smell of Corpses

Here’s a bonus Goody Fact: why do decomposing corpses have smells?

It is mostly caused by the release of built-up gas produced by bacteria as it breaks down the tissues in the body. It releases roughly 30 different chemical compounds, many of which have their own distinctive (foul) smells.


I’m no scientist or expert, but a corpse that has no smell really raises up a lot of questions.

Image: Giphy

Or maybe it’s because all that was left was a skeleton.

Who knows?

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