You Can Now Pre-order a Massive Life-sized Psyduck That Weighs 6kg from Pokemon Center Online Store


Sometimes, as boyfriends, we don’t do good enough a job at satisfying our girlfriends with the level of affection that they require.

This may result in them satisfying themselves via their own means, usually by purchasing a toy for their own usage. The bigger the toy, the better.

I’m talking, of course, about huge plushies for them to cuddle in bed.

Image: KnowYourMeme

I’m sure many of you would have seen this meme if you’ve spent enough time being unproductive on Facebook.

If you are one of those ‘unsatisfied’ girlfriends and too want a “500-dollar four-foot-tall Mareep”, you’re in luck.

400-Dollar Almost-Three-Foot-Tall Psyduck

Well, not really four-foot-tall but it’s not $500 too, at least.

You can now purchase a life-sized Psyduck from the Pokemon Store on Shopee for all your cuddling needs.

Image: Pokemon Store Shopee

The store’s page lists its dimensions to be roughly 80 cm × 54 cm × 76 cm, weighing in at a whopping 6kg.

Currently, you can pre-order it for $399.

Image: Tenor

But, what if Psyduck isn’t your thing? Do they have other Pokemon plushies?

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Be careful what you wish for. They have everything.

For example, how can it be a Pokemon Store without milking their mascot, one of the most iconic characters of all time?

Image: Pokemon Store Shopee

But I’m not complaining. Look at that Pikachu in a Lapras poncho!

However, if a huge cuddle-worthy plushie is what you seek, look no further than Snorlax.

Image: Pokemon Store Shopee

Well, for obvious reasons, we can’t have a life-sized Snorlax but this one stands in at almost 50cm tall and weighs 743g at a price of only $70, so it’s more than good enough.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the best starter Pokemon of all.

Image: Pokemon Store Shopee

For just $21, you could own the Pokemon that not only gives you a type advantage in the first three gyms and allows you to build up your team easily but also serves as a useful support in the late game.

Don’t sleep on my green boi for some overhyped orange lizard.

But if orange lizards are your thing, fret not. They have it. And so much more.

Image: Pokemon Store Shopee

So. Much. More.

In fact, they have 7 full pages of products that you can browse at your own leisure.


To begin your journey as a Pokemon collector, the Pokemon Store awaits here.

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