It’s Going To Rain Like Crazy For The First 2 Weeks of May 2019, But It’ll Be Hot As Well

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Hate rainy days? Well, the first two weeks of May might just change your mind.

Because the weatherman has spoken and here’s what he said:

“Be prepared for heavy rain but when it doesn’t rain? It’s going to be hot AF.”

Well, that’s not what he said, exactly, but you get the gist.

Meteorological Service Singapore’s Prediction

According to reports, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said that Singaporeans can expect moderate to heavy thundery showers in the afternoon on four to six days.

They expect the rain to have short durations but it’s highly possible that on some days, the shower could last into the evening.

Sounds vague, right?

Here’s something more concrete: For the second week of May, expect widespread thundery showers with strong winds on three to five days. Yes, out of seven days.

And if that’s not bad news enough, the rain will be accompanied by gusty winds and will happen in the predawn or morning hours.

Cat 1

Now, for some good news.

If you’re serving NS, you’ll be happy to know that your outfield exercises might be disrupted by Cat 1 situation when it rains.

After all, May has the track record of having the highest number of lightning days in the entire year.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

But It’s Going To Be Hot AF Too

Remember Katy Perry’s Hot & Cold?

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Yeah, May’s going to be…

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The MSS also reported that May is one of the warmest months of the year in Singapore.

On days where there is little rain, expect the daily temperature to go up as high as 35 degrees Celsius.

The daily average temperature is predicted to range between 24 and 34 degrees Celsius.

What Does That Mean For S’poreans?

Editor: Do I need to remind you that our job here isn’t to regurgitate what’s written on the news but to give readers valuable tips?

Me: But they need to know this.

Editor: Yeah, but you’re going to end the article off, right? Can you, like, start giving some actionable advice?

Me: Okay-okay, fine. But here’s some actionable advice for you. Increase my pay.


Me: *Slams door and run to the toilet to continue writing*

Okay, like my cheesepie lovely editor said, we’re done regurgitating. Here’s what you should do.

One, always have an umbrella on hand.

Because let’s face it, four to six days of fourteen days, and three to five on the second week alone? You’re probably going to meet with some rain on weekdays. And that’s understating it.

Two, start bringing around a pair of slippers.

An umbrella is all good and well when it drizzles. When you’re facing a thundery shower with strong wind? Your shoes are going to get wet. That’s what she said. Bring along a pair of slippers so you don’t have to deal with wet socks.

And if you’re like my lovely editor who has stinky feet? You’re not going to want to take off your shoes in the office.

And three, dress light but bring a jacket.

Singapore’s like an alternate reality of the Sahara Desert. Except instead of being freezing at night and hot AF in the day, we’re hot when it doesn’t rain, and cold when it rains. And when the rain stops? You’ll feel the heat within minutes.

So dress thinly and bring a jacket for when you’re cold. Transformers galore, yeah?

And finally, one last thing: girls, don’t wear white.