These Pretty Girls Are Bodyguards; You Won’t Want to Mess with Them

Last Updated on 2022-08-05 , 9:10 am

What’s better than a personal bodyguard? A good-looking personal bodyguard who can also double as your chauffeur, secretary, or even dance partner.

In China, you can get exactly that.

In recent years, bodyguards are becoming status symbols of the rich, and becoming something of a necessity as well. In a country like China, where the income inequality enraged the poor against the rich, personal safety for the wealthy trumped other needs like an assistant or make-up artist.

What’s your make-up artist going to do, powder your assailant to death?

Image: YouTube (VICE)

Huh, well.

And within the field of personal security, the market for female bodyguards is booming.

Look. At their training, I mean.

Their popularity is not even because of the sex appeal (although it’s probably a reason). Female bodyguards have advantages their male counterparts lack. For female clients, they can safely hang around for long periods of time without any fear of salacious rumours. For other clients, they don’t look like the typical bodyguard, and so can effectively disguise themselves.

They can also act as the aforementioned secretary, or dance partner for more formal functions and events, as a more elegant form of personal security.

I highly recommend learning how to dance properly, before you accidentally step on her foot, and she accidentally breaks your leg.

Many of these bodyguards-in-training are barely out of college, and are attracted by the high salaries as well as the opportunity to escape martial arts competitions or office work.

Yunhai Elite Security, a training centre in Beijing, trains these bodyguards and provides personal securities all the way to some Chinese as far away as Africa, in addition to their main market on the mainland.

As it is illegal to own weapons in China, these bodyguards use a self-defense pen instead, which is basically a shank that you can write with. They are also trained extensively in how to attack with the pen, proving that the pen is mightier than the sword in more ways than one.

Image: YouTube (VICE)

This is also a massager, apparently. I’ll pass, thanks.

Featured Image: YouTube (VICE)