Pretty Japanese Allegedly Liked Man So Much, She Stabbed Him in the Abdomen

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The more “cultured” among you will already think of this when reading the title.

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That and said Japanese girl in title, to my less cultured friends, is a “Yandere”. “Yandere” (ヤンデレ) is a word combining two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), meaning lovestruck.

As you can probably guess it already, lovestruck to the point of wanting to physically harm the love target.

Other common tropes in Yandere fiction include kidnapping crushes, poisoning food that is to be eaten by a romantic rival, or forcing the romantic love interest to commit shinjuu (心中) or double suicide.


On 23 May 2019, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Yuka Takaoka, a 21-year-old Japanese girl, apparently used a kitchen knife to stab a man in his 20s in the fifth-floor residence.

Image: YouTube Channel Bei Wei Wei

After the stabbing, the man took the elevator to the first floor. Takaoka was actually the one who reported to the police and sat beside the man.

An NSFW image (contains nudity and blood) of the scene can be found in this Twitter message. I wouldn’t advise you to open it, but basically, the man lies naked while Takaoka is sitting there beside him.

The man is currently in hospitalised.


Here’s a translated quote by the stabber: “Since I loved him so much, I just couldn’t help it.”

“After killing [him], I, too, wanted to die.”

By the way, Yanderes are often spotted in fiction with a sharp weapon and psychotic grin.

A psychotic grin… like this one perhaps?

Image: YouTube Channel Bei Wei Wei

Yep, that’s a Yandere alright.

Speculations: Instagram, a Girl’s Bar, and a Host

Luckily for you Goody Feed readers, I not only possess the weeaboo power of understanding what “Yandere” means. I also happen to have the ultimate weeaboo power of understanding Japanese.*

*Up to a basic level. I can probably pass JLPT N3 though #notbragging

Japanese online armchair detectives are the best in the world. In this particular article, they managed to identify the exact location as Plaire Deuxq East Shinjuku 2 (プレール・ドゥーク東新宿2). There’s also random useless information like rent and facilities.

But here’s what I dug out: It seems like the Instagram @yuyuyunochan belongs to Takaoka.

And the photos here are taken in Tokimeki binbim (ときめきbinbim), a “Girl’s Bar”, where the bartenders are women.

From what I can gather, part of the appeal of Girl’s Bar is talking to pretty bartender girls. No, it might sound like one of those places, but it’s not.

It also seems like she might even be one of the owners?

The victim might be a host

A host club is a place you can go to pay for the company of a male host. No, it’s not one of those places.

Who knew we would be learning so much about Japan culture today? From a murder attempt no less.


It is speculated by Japanese online armchair detectives that the victim might be a host who works at FUSION -By Youth- (フュージョン バイユース), and is actually their No.3 with the alias Runa (流月 ‘るな’).

I’m less of a fan for providing victim details, but I’ve already given you enough to do your own research here.

Cute is… justice?

As you would have guessed with a fiction trope turns reality and this many online armchair detectives working on the case, there are countless comments spamming “Yandere”.

Of the more extreme opinions on the case are like this YouTuber, who said that “the woman isn’t in the wrong”, because she is “kind of cute”. And the male “can be healed as long as he’s left there”.

I can’t tell whether it’s a joke, but currently, the video stands at 4.8k views with 10 likes and 82 dislikes. And he’s not the only one who shares this extreme opinion.

Another YouTuber speculated that this is a revenge story, rather than a straight fiction turn reality story.

Here’s what 遠藤チャンネル speculated: Both victim and Takaoka are dating. Host’s don’t actually earn much. So one of the jobs taken up by the victim then involves one of those things, like accompanying a certain client back to their room. That made Takaoka feel betrayed.

Note: some of the speculations are actually spoken like facts in the sources, which I have no way to verify whether that is true. So those were left as speculations instead.



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