Pretty S’porean Took Uber Only to be Pestered by Drunk Driver for Phone Number


Guess you know that sooner or later, this kind of news will occur, eh?

With the rising number of Uber and GrabCar drivers, it can get pretty tough for the companies to manage them until feedback start to flood in.

While it is a great platform for drivers to earn extra income or to meet new people, there are of course, great drivers and the not-so-great ones. Yesterday, Straits Times reported that a drunk driver recently pestered a woman who took Uber, and here are several things you might want to know about this incident—just so, you know, in case you’re a pretty Singaporean or a tiko driver.

Passenger who was pestered by drunk Uber driver
Ms Nicole Lee, 23, reported that a drunk driver pestered her on the ride recently. She had board the car at Clarke Quay around 4am, only to experience a horrendous trip.

Drunk driver was bragging about his drinking
The 30-minute ride from Clarke Quay to Clementi was first started by the drunk driver bragging about his drinking, and that he had drank before he came to ferry Nicole. The driver was mentioned to be in his 20s.

Seriously, why is he so proud about his drinking habits?

Driver ignored repeated requests from passenger to be led out of car
Despite Nicole asking to be led out of the car, the driver insisted on proceeding with the trip. He also wanted to bring her to a house party and take her out for supper before eventually asking her for her phone number. According to Nicole, he wouldn’t let her out of the car until she complied.

He panicked at a roadblock
Though he appeared to be able to drive, the drunk driver later panicked at a road block and said that he couldn’t take the breathalyzer test. The police later let him pass after he told them he was ferrying a passenger.

Nicole gave him her number
Nicole had given him her phone number as she claimed that she was eager to go home. She also mentioned that she wanted to get a “confession” from the driver of his drinking by doing so.

The driver was suspended
This unnamed drunk dude was terminated by Uber – the company had mentioned that they take their policies seriously, stating that they had terminated him and investigations are ongoing.

Their Whatsapp conversation
Nicole managed to get the driver to “confess” about his drinking on that day, which the drunk driver replied “$200 for 2 towers or one bottle of Chivas.” Okay, good for you.


Other cases of Uber termination recently
Another case of termination involved a passenger complaint regarding how the driver had allowed someone else to fetch passengers with his account. There was also another recent police report made after a reckless Uber driver using wrist trainers while driving and threatening the passengers’ family after taking photos. He was apparently even using both hands and only his forearm to steer the wheels – hence leading to the passengers stomping him. He had also responded, “Why don’t you come and drive?” when the passengers suggested a shortcut to prevent congestion. The driver was being complained about his unsafe driving method and rude attitude.

Moral of the story? Take taxi instead Don’t drink so much.

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