Prices of Home Cooking Gas to Increase Today: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (1 May)

E-scooters have been causing problems in Singapore since they appeared.

From the hit-and-run accidents to speeding along pavements, causing accidents on the roads and banging into pedestrians, we sometimes wish that e-scooter isn’t a thing in Singapore.

Well, e-scooter riders made the news again and this time, it isn’t for anything good either.

But before that, here’s a news that’ll affect us all.

Or maybe, some of us (since many of us are using induction hobs…no?)

You Need to Pay More For Cooking Gas in Your House From May to July

In case you’re wondering if everything is becoming more expensive in Singapore, yes, it is.

Everything except the labour force lah. Our wages is the only one that’s not seeing a drastic increase. #SingaporeansEverydayComplaints

But that’s not the important thing here.

What’s important is that cooking gas supplied to homes for the next three months will become 0.6% more expensive. This will take effect from today (1 May 2018).


City Gas, the supplier of almost 90% of new HDB estates and private properties, said that this is due to the increase in the cost of producing and delivering the gases to your home.

You know what? Let’s just cook a meat+vegetable+egg dish every day. 一品锅, use the gas one time, cook a complete meal.


In case you’re not aware, prices for electricity just increased exactly one month ago (on 1 April 2018).

E-Scooter Riders Beat Up Pedestrian After Drinking at Bishan Park 1

Meet Thomas Leong Sin Kwang, Tay Woei Chain, Ng Yeow Tim and Tan Wee How.


On 30 Apr, it was reported that these four e-scooter riders are sentenced to jail time for beating up a man at Bishan Park 1 back in February 2017.

45-year-old Argentinian, Roman Barros Griffiths, was walking with his wife at Bishan Park 1 when he saw the four men ride towards him.

He raised up his arm to signal for them to stop as he and his wife are about to cross the junction.

The men, who had just drunk beer (erm,…drink-riding?), continued riding and the last rider in the group, 40-year-old Ng Yeow Tim bumped into his arm.

They had a short argument before Ng rode away to find his friends and tell them what happened.

Angry, the riders decided to search for Griffiths to settle the score.

Griffiths threatened to call the cops but the men beat him into submission. His wife tried to stop them but was kicked in the leg and fell to the ground.

Then they fled the scene. However, Tan Wee How dropped his mobile phone, which was given to the police after.

And what do you do when you lose your mobile phone? You call it, hoping it’s some good guy who’s willing to return it.

So he did. And the police answered.


The four men were swiftly arrested and charged in court.

  • Ng Yeow Tim: One week jail
  • Thomas Leong Sin Kwang: One week jail
  • Tay Woei Chain: Two days jail
  • Tan Wee How: Two weeks’ jail

19-Year-Old NSF Passed Away, Showed Signs of Heat Injury

Yes, Singapore might be enjoying times of peace but our soldiers, NSFs and regulars, train hard for that just in case.

And it can be risky, despite the SAF taking safety even more seriously than in the past.

An NSF in the Guards 1st Battalion, Lee Han Xuan Dave, completed an 8km fast march on 18 Apr when he required medical attention. A medic attended to him on the spot and he was brought to the medical centre.

Then, he was sent to Changi General Hospital where he was warded at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Unfortunately, his condition didn’t get better in ICU. Instead, it worsened.

On Monday, 30 Apr, he passed away at Changi General Hospital.

The Arm Forces Council will be setting up an independent Committee of Inquiry to find out more about the situation.

‘Severe Mismanagement’ of Funds At Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, CAD Investigating

After the high profile Kong Hee and City Harvest, another temple is now surfacing in the limelight for mismanagement of funds.


On Apr 30, it was reported that the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is getting investigated.

An inquiry by the Commissioner of Charities (COC) found that there was a severe mismanagement of funds at the temple.

Uncrossed cheques totalling $1.5 million were issued, loans that were not approved by the board was taken and the temple has paid more than $750,000 to vendors who are relatives of Ratha Krishnan Selvakumar (Kumar).

He is the charity trustee and present secretary of the management committee.

The other two members involved are former management committee chairman R Selvaraju (Selvaraju) and current committee chairman and charity trustee Sivakadacham (Siva).

Kumar and Siva will be barred from from managing the charity or attending any committee meetings.

In addition, the COC said that they’ll take actions against Selvaraju if he take up any office within the temple.

An investigation to the mismanagement is currently underway.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) Gave Wrong Medicine To Child, Said They’re Sorry

We trust doctors to save our lives when something is wrong.

Whenever your loved ones had any problem, the first thing you’ll say is, “Come, let’s go so-and-so hospital.” Right?

But what if the hospital screws up, and almost screwed your life up as well? #TrueStoryButNotForToday #Angsty

That’s what happened to KKH which gave the wrong medicine to a child who was hospitalised at their hospital.

Image: Facebook

She wrote a super lengthy post so I’ll just put down the TL; DR for you:

  • Lady’s daughter was warded in hospital from 23 to 25 Apr 2018.
  • Nurses at KKH passed medicine to lady and her hubby, and they brought their daughter home
  • At home, they gave the medicine to their daughter as instructed
  • Then, they received a call telling her to discard the nose spray and nose drop as they were wrongly dispensed
  • Couple found out that their ah girl’s patient sticker was pasted on top of another patient’s name
  • KKH apologised, promises to conduct an investigation and explain the situation to her within two weeks
  • Still not happy so lady decides to shame them online instead
  • Lady ends off tell KKH publicly that they should investigate and explain the screw up to her, plus improve their service.

Note: it has not been two weeks yet

Associate Professor Ng Yong Hong, head and senior consultant of the department of paediatrics at KKH said that they are investigating the incident and will be reviewing their internal processes.

He added that the patient has gone for a review at the hospital on Saturday and she “was well”.

Whew, unfortunately for the hospital, sorry doesn’t cut it every single time.

But here’s the thing. The hospital has promised you an investigation and explanation, why the need to go online and ask for it again?


President Trump Has Said That Singapore is One of the Sites for US-North Korea summit

For the last few weeks, the potential sites for the US-North Korea summit were all based on speculations. Just two days ago, it was revealed that there has been no formal request for the summit to be held in Singapore.

But now, President Trump has confirmed that Singapore is one of the potential sites. He said, “We’re also looking at other countries including Singapore.”

He also mentioned that the DMZ is a good place to conduct the talk.

It is not certain when this will take place, but it is projected to be this month or next month.


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