Prince Charles Tested Positive for COVID-19 & He Has Met the Queen Recently

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From Andy Cohen to Tom Hanks, quite a number of celebrities have come forward to say that they have tested positive for Covid-19.

I mean, it’s no surprise that some famous people are infected since there are a total of 468,855 confirmed cases worldwide. It’s inevitable that at least a couple of these victims would have been celebrities.

Recently, another famous person joined the list as it was announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Image: Hello Magazine

And it’s none other than Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Has Covid-19, Currently Isolating Himself

Prince Charles, 71, heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the coronavirus and is currently isolating himself.

His office announced on Wednesday, 25 Mar, that the Prince of Wales has mild symptoms “but otherwise remains in good health”.

His wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was also tested and she does not have the virus.

Both of them are self-isolating in the Balmoral Castle, the Prince’s royal residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which he inherited from his grandmother.

Image: Getty Images

Yes, they are being quarantined together in the same place although only one of them has the virus.

But not to worry, there is little to no chance of Prince Charles infecting the Duchess, as the Balmoral Castle is huge.

The Balmoral Castle / Image: Flickr

There is probably no chance of them even running into one another.

Unclear How He May Have Gotten The Virus

It is unclear who the Prince might have contracted the illness from, due to his recent busy schedule of public events.

“It is not possible to ascertain from whom the prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks,” his office said.


A palace official also said that doctors have informed the prince that his condition is not likely to escalate into something more serious.

The prince’s last public event was on 12 Mar, but he still had a number of private meetings with individuals since then. All of them have been made aware of the situation.

He Met The Queen Two Weeks Ago

However, out of everyone that Prince Charles may have interacted with, there is one person in particular that everyone is slightly more worried about.

The Queen.

Image: Daily Mail

Well, the prince actually did pay a visit to his 93-year-old mother at the Buckingham Palace, London on 12 Mar.


However, it seems like the Queen does not have too much to worry about. According to palace officials, doctors think that the earliest the prince would have been infectious was 13 Mar.

“Her Majesty The Queen remains in good health. The Queen last saw The Prince of Wales briefly on the morning of 12th March and is following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare. We will not be commenting further,” said The Buckingham Palace.

Both Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were tested on Monday, 23 Mar, and received their results on 24 Mar.

Their tests were carried out by the National Health Service in Aberdeenshire.

The Prince Remains In Good Health

Although he has tested positive for Covid-19, it is not going to stop the prince from working.


According to CNN, a royal source informed them that Prince Charles is continuing to work and is in “good health and indeed good spirits”.

Prince Charles is the oldest child of the Queen and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and he is Britain’s future head of state as King Charles III.

Although Prince Charles has always been the known heir to the throne, there are still some who hope that the crown will bypass Charles and go straight to his son, Prince William instead.

So Prince Charles coming down with the coronavirus might be a bigger deal than you think.

Because if anything happens to him, his son will be next in line to inherit the throne.


However, it seems like everything should remain fine and go according to plan, as Prince Charles is predicted to recover quickly from the virus and be back to his normal self in no time at all.