Pringles Instant Cup Noodles Are Coming for Pingles-Siao Fans

Image: PR Times

The world’s a unique one, and I’m not saying that because of all the ‘world is flat’ jokes out there.

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Rather, I’m saying that because right now, at this present moment, we’re getting loads of ‘unique flavour combinations’ that we wouldn’t have expected, say, a few years ago. I mean, have you seen the flavours out there?

And I could preach on and on for another five years; because there’s that much content.

Image: Giphy

Now, I might not be a particularly wise person. Nor am I particularly intelligent. But even I’m aware of one single, world-revolutionising fact.

That list isn’t going to end anytime soon.

And to support my hypothesis…

I present my evidence.


Yes, you didn’t see that wrong. Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to a reality…

Where Pringles-flavoured instant noodles are very much a thing.

Now, before anything, we just need to add a disclaimer: instant noodles are unhealthy. Just watch this video we’ve done and you’ll understand (and might just swear off instant noodles altogether):

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And so, moving on…

Why have Pringles with your instant noodles…

…when you can have them as one single entity?

That’s probably what ran through the minds of the creative personnel over at Acecook, and I can’t say I’m complaining. While definitely quirky, the idea does seem pretty interesting.

Incidentally, it seems that it’s a joint partnership between Acecook’s Super Noodles and Pringles, in a bid to mark the former’s 30th anniversary, and the latter’s 50th. And in commemoration, they’ve contrived to bring us four new limited-edition products. And get this…

Out of the four, two are ramen-flavoured Pringles. Yes, folks, it’s not just Pringle-flavoured instant noodles. The reverse definitely applies as well.

Chicken Shoyu Pringles

Image: PR Times

Fried squid noodles Pringles (WTF WTF WTF?!?!)

Image: Soranews

Jalapeno and onion Instant Noodles

Image: PR Times

Sour cream and onion Yakisoba

Image: PR Times

Interested? Because I certainly am.

Though to be honest

This isn’t an idea as far-fetched as it should be, seeing how Acecook hasn’t exactly been lacking in the ‘experimental’ department. After all, they’ve previously released products such as…

Gyoza Instant Noodles

Image: soranews24

And even Vanilla Instant Noodles

Image: PR Times Japan

So while dull isn’t quite in their expansive list of middle names, ‘quirky combinations’ definitely seem to be.


The Pringles-flavoured noodles will be retailing for 200 yen each at supermarkets and convenience stores around the country from 15 October, while their ramen-flavoured Pringles counterparts will be available for 122 yen each from 23 October. So I guess if you’re going to get them…

Airfrov’s the way.

Alternatively, you can ask your Japan-bound friends to get some for you. Though I’m sure that even if you didn’t ask…

They’ll want to get some as well.

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