You Probably Didn’t Know These 5 Facts About Grab and Uber


Grab and Uber are not allowed to provide commercial services across Singapore-Malaysia border.
The LTA said it has informed the company that the original service model ‘did not comply with regulations in Singapore.’ Hence, Grab ran a free pilot program for their Singapore-Johor Bahru service in June to July. There’s no wonder why consumers saved up on their bus transportation cost during that month.

Uber used to be banned in Jakarta due to the fact that it was claimed by the government to be illegal.
Jakarta Deputy Governor ordered a ban on Uber’s service over the company’s failure to hold necessary permits and pay taxes. Police in Jakarta arrested 5 uber drivers, accusing them of committing illegal acts. Luckily, hurray to Indonesia and their consumers, Uber have finally obtained the license to operate legally in their country in 2015.

Uber and Grab doesn’t know your phone number – so do not worry about exposing your number.
Uber and Grab only receives consumer’s generic numbers for drivers to communicate with the passengers, consumers’ phone number are masked by the PHV companies to ensure total privacy. There was an incident in Singapore in which a 25 year old, Ms L Tan, was harassed by a flirtatious driver after a 20 min drive home which caused her to stop using third party apps such as Uber and Grab. So –  ladies, or gentlemen, who are using our PHV apps, fret not, your numbers are kept confidential now – safe and sound.

Uber and Grab ratings do matter.
If you’re planning to give a 1 star for your ride home, please consider it again. When private drivers get jeopardized by your rating and they fall under a certain threshold, they might get banned by their companies. Or if they receive good ratings, they will get additional incentives. Likewise, drivers can also rate you. When your rating reaches an all time low, you will be banned from using PHV companies app. Karma works both ways, doesn’t it?

Your rides may get forfeited if you’re a cancel-lor.
If you fall under the category of being over kiasu while waiting for your transport, and you’re prone to cancel your trips before your driver arrives – please stop doing it. You’ll get forfeited even more. There will be a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your booking after 5 minutes of a minimum fare of $5. Beware consumers, don’t be a kanchiong spider, just wait patiently for your ride, you do not deserve to pay that $5.

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