A Prof Said That Menstrual Cramps are as Painful as Heart Attacks

First off, let me put this upfront:

I have been experiencing menstrual cramps ever since the age of 10.

It’s so bad, I often skip school because of it.


I’ve tried all kinds of medication and exercises…and they just simply don’t work for me.

So I guess I can only accept my fate.

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Everybody who went through sexual education should know about menstrual cramps, but many (read: men) do not understand how painful it can be.

Or at least they try to feel sorry for the women.

But luckily for some women, menstrual cramps are quite foreign.

Yes, not all women have cramps.

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So today, for the sake of my fellow sisters who are out there suffering like me, I am going to tell everyone why we feel like dying every single month.

According to Seventeen, menstrual cramps, or Dysmenorrhea, have officially been claimed to be ‘almost as bad as having a heart attack‘.

And I’m not even kidding.

Those were the words of John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London.

So when people ask why you’re exaggerating your pain, please get 5000 printed copies of this article and just shove it in their face.

No time to talk when you’re having a near-death experience.

For those that know of someone who goes through this every single month, please do show some love.

And for those men who tease a woman when she’s PMS-ing, you’re just lucky we don’t have the strength to beat you up.

We’ll deal with you when we’re done with this.

Netizens react

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Well, I guess cramps are somewhat helpful?

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I would assume that this came from a supporter from the opposite sex, so hats off to you, sir.

So next time you have to take care of someone going through a very bad cramp, please treat her with equal care and love as you would to someone who is experiencing a heart attack.