S’pore Looking to Increase Penalty for People Who Misuse National Symbols


Planning to make another version of the passport cake? Or maybe a national flag one?

Think twice before you do so, because the government is looking to increase the penalty for those who misuse national symbols.

Proposing Jail Term, Raising Maximum Fine

The current fine for misusing national symbols is $1,000, but it could be raised to $30,000 soon.

The Government is also proposing a six months jail term for the offence. They cited reasons like inflation and the prevailing standard of living making the current penalty an “insufficient deterrent” for the offence.

This proposed National Symbols Act will replace the present law under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, which hasn’t been changed since 1960.

National symbols that will be covered under this law would include the National Pledge, national flower, and the lion head symbol. And nope, the Merlion is not covered under this law.

This new penalty seems to be modeled after current penalties for defacing a national monument under the Preservation of National Monuments Act. It was amended last year to heighten the penalties as well.

A bill to introduce the proposed law is scheduled for the second half of 2022.

Formal Recognition of Symbols, Clarify Appropriate Use

This proposed law is meant to provide formal recognition to the national symbols, as well as presidential symbols that aren’t recognised in legislation.

Additionally, the regulations will help to clarify the appropriate use of the symbols. This doesn’t just include what we cannot do, but also provides more leeway for what we can do with the symbols.

According to a description by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the Government can allow more use of the symbols to represent pride and solidarity, if they can better prevent the disrespectful use of the symbols.

Some of the proposed regulations include allowing the national flag to be flown outside of the National Day period, to express national pride and solidarity.

There may also not be a need to request approval to use the national flag’s image on clothing, stickers, posters, and decals.

Additionally, the new law will also empower the Government to order a person to stop using the national flag in a disrespectful way. The National Pledge will also be regulated so that it can only be recited in its entirety, and can’t be used for commercial purposes.

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Public Feedback Exercise

On 15 June, the MCCY said it started a public feedback exercise for this proposed law.

The public consultation is posted on the Government feedback site Reach, and its descriptions provide more details about the proposed law.


You can go ahead and share your feedback on this website till 8 July, when all comments will be reviewed to help refine the proposal. MCCY will also publish a summary of the main comments received, as well as their responses to the feedback.

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