Everything About the PSLE Results in 2020 Compared to 2019 When There Was No Pandemic

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This year, everything was disrupted due to Covid-19.

Students had to study from home, adults have to work from home and classes took place on the cold screen of a laptop or computer instead of face-to-face.

But how has that affected the PSLE results? And how does it compare to 2019 where there was no pandemic to distract us from our studying?

Let’s find out.

Today (25 November 2020), students who took the PSLE went back to school to collect their results.

The exceptions are students who are on Quarantine Order (QO), Stay-Home-Notice (SHN), Leave of Absence (LOA), unwell, or simply uncomfortable at the idea of gathering in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These students are able to view their results online.

Results Similar To 2019

98.4 per cent of Primary 6 students taking the PSLE this year scored well enough to enter a secondary school.

That is similar to the percentage of students who did well enough to enrol in a secondary school in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

And if that’s not impressive enough, there are more students sitting for the exam this year: 39,672, compared to 38,942 last year.

This means that even though the percentage didn’t change, the number of students who did well has increased.

Breakdown Of Results

A whopping 66.6 per cent of the cohort did well enough to enter the Express course.

21.2 per cent are eligible for the Normal (Academic) course while 11 per cent are eligible for the Normal (Technical) course.

Options For Those Who Couldn’t Get Into Secondary School

Then, how about the remaining 634 students (or 1.6%) who failed to get into a secondary school?

They have a couple of options to choose from:

  • Retake their PSLE exams in 2021
  • Apply to NorthLight School or Assumption Pathway School for hands-on learning

It was reported that you’ll need a recommendation letter from the primary school principal in order to apply for NorthLight or Assumption Pathway.


Secondary 1 Posting

When the primary six pupils collected their results, students eligible for secondary schools were also given option forms.

The students will have until 1 Dec 2020, 3pm, to submit their choices online.

Results of the secondary one posting will be made known on 22 Dec 2020.

No Need To Report To Secondary School This Year

Unlike previous years, students do not need to report to their secondary schools this year after receiving the secondary school posting results.

All they have to do, instead, is to refer to the schools’ websites from 22 Dec onwards for more information.

Instructions on tasks such as the online purchase of books and uniforms, booklist and the reporting details will be uploaded online.


For students who are unable to report to their school on the first day due to valid reasons, they can contact the posted secondary school directly to inform them and the school will chope a seat for them.

Featured Image: threebeanies / Shutterstock.com

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