Man Hides in Public Toilet in Ayer Rajah Food Centre at Midnight to Flash His Private Part and Crushed a 64YO Lady

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When one goes to a food centre, all you’d expect to do is to battle the long queues, scour for empty tables and eat some good food.

Maybe you also had too many cups of Teh Peng which reacted badly with your mala-filled stomach and left you needing the toilet later.

The last thing one wants to see after all that is someone else’s “sausage” in the bathroom.

Way to ruin anyone’s appetite and make them want to throw up the food they’d just eaten.

Man Hides In Toilet And Flashes Lady

It’s rather unfortunate that Peeping Toms often hide in female toilets, but now there are even sneaky impostors.

Manika, a 31-year-old man, pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent assault yesterday on 6 April.

On 11 November last year, the victim, a 64-year-old woman visited the Ayer Rajah Food Centre at about 2 am along with her husband.

The couple had a meal at the food centre before preparing to go home. However, the woman needed to visit the toilet first.

She entered the toilet while her husband waited outside for her, as they were about to leave.

The victim entered one of the cubicles, unaware that someone else had entered the toilet after her at about 2:35 am, nor the shock that she was about to face.

She was washing her feet when the man suddenly popped up from the top of the cubicle, like a creepy and unwelcome Jack in the box.

Covered Her Mouth And Crushed Her

Considering the time of the incident, it must’ve appeared to be more of a shock especially since she probably wasn’t expecting there to be many people around in the female bathroom, much less a man.

The victim screamed loudly and ran out of the cubicle, but unfortunately, the man was faster.

He removed his pants and flashed his private parts.

Forcefully grabbing her shoulders, he pressed her to the ground, covering her mouth with his hands and even sat on her during the struggle.

It’s really a mystery as to what’s wrong with some people.


The man admitted to his wrongdoings in court on the 6th and pleaded guilty.

The man was sentenced to two years in jail and two strokes of the cane.

With the number of sexual assault cases occurring in toilets, something really needs to be done to ensure the public can do their business in safety.

Featured Image: Google Maps

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