Python Curled Up Around Barbed Wires and Metal Pole at Downtown East to Escape Flooded Drains

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Depending on how you feel about snakes, this article could leave you feeling either fascinated or nauseated, so you have been warned. 

If you’d dropped by Downtown East in the morning yesterday (31 Mar), you may have seen a massive python curled rather regally around a metal post. 

And you would have either stopped to take a closer look at the majestic creature or quickened your step, praying that it’s merely a hallucination. 

Python Curled Up Around Barbed Wires and Metal Pole at Downtown East to Escape Flooded Drains

The huge reptile was seen coiled around a metal post near the Downtown East bus stop at around 7:40 am yesterday. 

The body of the python was coiled tightly around a green metal pole, as well as a portion of barbed wire that had been connected to the pole, and its head could be seen protruding out from behind the pole. 

Netizens were awestruck by the beauty of the stately reptile which exuded a rather distinguished air even while coiled around the pole for support. 

One humorous Facebook user even suggested that maybe the snake was out for a day of shopping at Downtown East shopping centre. 

Snake Was Removed From Pole by ACRES 

According to a spokesperson from Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), they were informed of the presence of the Python yesterday morning. 

ACRES officers ascertained that the python did not sustain any injuries from the barbed wires before proceeding to carefully remove the snake from the fencing. 

According to the spokesperson, it was possible that the python had reached elevated areas in an attempt to escape flooded drains due to the rain. 

The fencing was right next to Sungei Tampines, which is linked to the Tampines Eco-Green Park and Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk, so it’s possible the snake could have come from those areas. 

The National Parks Board (NParks) advises the public to remain calm upon encountering a snake and to avoid attempting to handle it. 

Do call NParks at their hotline 1800-476-1600 instead, or contact ACRES at 9783 7782 if you happen to see a wild animal who may be in trouble. 

Python Spotted Near Geylang River 

Earlier this year in January 2021, a python was spotted at Block 12 Dakota Crescent near Geylang River. 

ACRES officers arrived quickly at the location and handled the python with laudable efficiency—the entire process of rescue went smoothly and took under five minutes. 

You can read more about it here.


Featured Image: Reddit (happymira)

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