2.5M-Long Python Weighing 8KG Spotted In Jurong West, Caught By NParks Officers After Brief ‘Tug of War’

While normally, people in Singapore only needed to deal with an army of cockroaches during cold weather (or after it rains), it seems like people in Jurong West might start meeting up with a new type of creature: pythons.

Image: Pinterest / Parseltongue: *Hello*

On 8 Sep, a huge python which required three men to ‘tame’ was spotted at Jurong West.

And now, just a week later, there’s been another sighting in Jurong West again.

Another Python, This Time, 2.5-Metre Long, Spotted In Jurong West, Caught By NPark Officers After Brief ‘Tug of War’

On 14 Sep, Facebook user Chia Ming Ho uploaded a series of images and videos on Facebook.

The subject matter: A 2.5-metre-long python spotted at Jurong West.

Image: Facebook

According to his post, he was strolling around an unspecified HDB estate when he came across the python near the walkway.

He immediately called NParks for assistance and waited for them while warning passers-by who were walking past to stay away.

NParks Officers Captured Python After ‘Tug-Of-War’

When the officers arrived, the python had managed to camouflage itself neatly into its surroundings.

However, he praised the officers’ dedication and expertise for not taking the issue lightly.

Image: Facebook (Chia Ming Ho)

Instead of disbelieving him, they carefully located the python and managed to capture it after a brief “tug-of-war”.

Posted by Chia Ming Ho on Sunday, 13 September 2020

As you can see from the video above, the two officers had a hard time dragging the python out of the grass patch.

According to Chia, the snake weighs 8kg and he was told that it’ll be sent to the Singapore Zoo.

You can view his full Facebook post below:

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Call NParks Next Time You Need Wildlife Assistance

Given how westies might have a higher chance of meeting with our slithering friends, here are some tips on what to do if you were to ever meet with one:

  • Stay calm, don’t make any threatening move
  • Warn passers-by away from the general area
  • Call NParks’ 24-hour Animal Response Centre at 1800 476 1600 or the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Hotline at 97837782 (24-hour hotline).

Their officers are adequately trained to handle wildlife like pythons instead of pest control companies.

Remember the 8 Sep python incident I was talking about?

The three men who managed to capture the python were criticised by ACRES for mishandling the python.

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One of them had stepped on the python and there was shouting throughout the capture.

If you’ve watched the video yourself, you can probably see the pest control officers themselves were probably feeling scared as well.


Things You Should Not Do (This is just common sense)

  • Don’t poke or disturb the python. (Why would you do that?)
  • Don’t try to pet it or domesticate it, unless you know how to. (Its also illegal by the way)
  • Don’t try to cook or skin it.
  • Don’t start playing music. You are not a snake charmer and it is a python, not a cobra.

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